Legal and Procurement Solutions

We understand the moving parts of legal and procurement processes. Our platform lets you collaborate and iterate across teams in real time.

Increase collaboration and get more visibility into your processes.

Collaborate in real time

Share comments, tag and assign actions across teams. Everything is accessible to everyone in one central place.

Simplify approvals

Integrated workflow and eSignature makes sending (and re-sending) for approvals simple.

Generate documents

Easily generate documents based on workflow inputs and conditional logic.

Explore Legal and Procurement Use Cases:

Contract Lifecycle Management

Contracts for goods and services often require a lengthy approval chain that extends across multiple business functions. Legacy systems and manual processing are both error-prone and excessively time-consuming.

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Multilingual Form Translation

Citizens for whom English is not their first language encounter communication barriers when accessing public services. Equitability-minded agencies need a cost-effective way to allow constituents to respond in their preferred language.

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Procurement Process Automation

Purchasing departments struggle to harmonize all of the systems, individuals, and data required to solicit and negotiate price quotes.

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Project Proposals

With budgets under increasing public scrutiny, it behooves agencies to account for how spending decisions are made.

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Request a Workflow Automation

Agencies have many manual workflows, and paper based forms that could potentially be upgraded to efficient online automated processes. Staff and management need a systematic way to prioritize them.

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ADA Compliance for Digital Forms

Converting non-compliant PDF forms is a time- and cost-intensive practice. The proliferation of noncompliance lawsuits is fast-tracking the need for all government agencies to modernize the way they provide services.

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Automate Legal Decisions, Reviews and Responses

Agencies that see a high volume of similar types of litigation—such as social services, land use, consumer protection/fraud, and fair employment and housing—require a lot of correspondence in very little time to determine how to react to judges’ rulings.

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E-Recruitment with Online Forms and Process Automation

HR departments must collect a trove of data and potentially involve several parties when they create job descriptions in compliance with internal policies.

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Legal Residence Application

When processes for submitting basic legal residence information are manual and paper-based, municipalities wait longer to receive data that is more likely to be incorrect.

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Project Approval

Large city and state agencies, such as hospital networks, DMVs, and educational systems, must enable employees to propose major initiatives and project management teams to assess their value to the organization.

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FOIA Requests

Many moving parts are involved in responding to citizens’ demands for government files, and every agency processes these transactions differently. FOIA requests potentially require the coordination of several employees across multiple departments in a complicated decision-making process that gets very messy when it is conducted manually.

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Statement of Economic Interest

It’s harder to track and easier to lose these important documents when they are completed, collected, and stored in paper form.

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Procurement Contract Lifecycle

Creating, amending, and approving legal agreements can be a slow process, requiring input from many parties.

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Annual Bureau Reporting

Private postsecondary education providers need an easy way to submit annual reports to state bureaus.

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Online Trademark Application

Manual, paper-reliant trademark application processes are long, error-prone, and confusing.

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Online Business Filings

In-person, paper-based, and manual business registration is laborious, costly, and time-consuming.

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