Legal and Procurement Solutions

We understand the moving parts of legal and procurement processes. Our platform lets you collaborate and iterate across teams in real time.

Increase collaboration and get more visibility into your processes.

Collaborate in real time

Share comments, tag and assign actions across teams. Everything is accessible to everyone in one central place.

Simplify approvals

Integrated workflow and eSignature makes sending (and re-sending) for approvals simple.

Generate documents

Easily generate documents based on workflow inputs and conditional logic.

Explore Legal and Procurement Use Cases:

Legal Residence Application

A Digital Process Ensures Accurate Assessments and Taxation Tax assessors levy accurate property taxes quickly when they automate the process …

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Project Approval

Systematically Evaluate Major New Organization Projects Give project management teams an easy way to review, approve, and prioritize proposals for …

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FOIA Requests

Expedite the Fulfillment of FOIA Requests Agencies can now turn requests for public documents around quicker than ever. FREEDOM OF …

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Statement of Economic Interest

Automate the Process for Disclosing Financial Interests and Identifying Potential Conflicts A digital form and process adds further transparency to …

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Procurement Contract Lifecycle

Simplify Procurement and Legal Processes Create and manage your procurement contracts more efficiently. PROCUREMENT Contract LifeCycle Challenge Creating, amending, and …

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Annual Bureau Reporting

Easier & more efficient reporting for regulated institutions Educational institutions and other regulated organizations can submit clearer, more accurate annual …

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