IT Solutions

IT wears a lot of hats. With the SimpliGov platform, your IT department can easily manage and automate requests, trainings, authorizations, and more.

Automate and manage IT processes.

Unlimited automation

You can implement an unlimited number of automated processes the entire workforce can leverage.

Modernize your organization

Our platform helps agencies reduce paperwork and reliance on inefficient and time-consuming manual processes.

Build better experiences

Our form and workflow interfaces are designed to be used by employees of all technical capabilities.

Explore IT Use Cases:

Administrative Rights

Administrative Rights Management Change IT Admin Rights on a Mass Scale. Automate the process of amending or revoking admin rights …

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Project Approval

Project Approvals Systematically Evaluate Major New Organization Projects. Give project management teams an easy way to review, approve, and prioritize …

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New Policy Workflow

New Policy Workflow Route approvals of new policies for labor union employees. Create a systematic way to propose and secure …

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Telework Approvals

Telework Approvals Coordinate hundreds of work-from-home requests so that your agency has ample coverage on any given work day. Ensure …

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Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy Take the Manual Work Out ofthe IT Policy Updating Process. Automation cuts the cost and time required …

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