Let Your Work Flow

Seamless integrations, continuous workflow, one ecosystem. 

The SimpliGov platform is built to allow for integrations into any internal or external system. Create connections quickly to allow your end users to work seamlessly from a single platform.

Integrate Modern Cloud Services

Ensure seamless workflow automation by connecting your favorite cloud-based applications, payment providers and other services. With modern API-enabled systems integrations are quick, seamless, secure, and effective. SimpliGov provides out-of-the-box integrations, as well as custom integrations. 

Integrate Your Data

Integrate with internal or external databases and data sources allowing for data communication, control, and security across all aspects of form fulfilment, workflow completion, or data analytics. 


  • Integrate workflows with any database
  • Map database fields directly onto forms
  • Extract data for analytics 

ODBC Direct Connection

  • Save time with our direct ODBC connector
  • Connect to any database supporting ODBC
  • Integrate with legacy systems

Data Sources

  • Build and manage custom data sources 
  • Manage data security in workflows 
  • Centralized data management 

Document Integration

  • Map data from any source to form fields
  • Auto-save data to final documents
  • PDF data extraction for analytics

Integrate eSignatures & AI

Integrate SimpliSign electronic signatures into your forms and workflows for end-to-end process automation.

Describe your workflow in natural language and let SimpliAI do the rest.

SimpliGov - UIPATH Integration Case Study