Multilingual Forms. ADA Compliance. Digital Equity!

Design Once - View in Any Language

Design a single form which is auto-translated to multiple languages.


All aspects of the form, including data entry, are automatically translated.

Enhanced User Experience

Provide your end users with forms in the language of their choosing.

From a single form design, our auto-translation feature will provide your end users forms in any language of their choice.

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Language Access Services Highlights

SimpliGov’s language access services improve the service delivery for Limited English Proficient (LEP) constituents by translating any form into the constituent’s preferred language. Multilanguage and ADA compliant forms are a necessity for true digital equity.

ANY Language

Simple dropdown lets users interact with forms in the language of their choice.

Government Glossary

Ensure government-specific words and terms translate to meet standards.

Enhanced User Experience

All aspects of the form, including tips, default language, and input fields, are translated.

Notification Translation

Add multilingual features to your form notifications as part of your workflow process.

Translation Auto-routing

Submitted forms can be automatically routed to employees based on language.

Back to English

Allow reviewers to translate input languages to English for review.

More Information on Form Compliance

Multilingual Form Translation

Citizens for whom English is not their first language encounter communication barriers when accessing public services. Equitability-minded agencies need a cost-effective way to allow constituents...

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