HR Solutions

We know government HR is different. With more employees and unique requirements, our flexible and fully compliant solution can help you standardize your processes and get more done.

Streamline and scale HR tasks.

Automate manual tasks

Our no-code solution lets your employees build, manage, and scale processes without IT support.

Leverage existing workflows

We’ve built workflow templates with state and local departments across the United States.

Increase productivity and morale

Automate bureaucratic administrative work and enable HR teams to focus on bigger tasks.

Explore HR Use Cases:

Courier Package Tracking

Reduce the time it takes to register and certify smog centers, repair shops, parts suppliers, auto glass specialists, and other vehicle maintenance companies.

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Workplace Injury Report

Labor, safety, and risk management departments must record accidents quickly, accurately, and in real time, and a lack of internet can’t be a barrier!

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Contract Lifecycle Management

Contracts for goods and services often require a lengthy approval chain that extends across multiple business functions. Legacy systems and manual processing are both error-prone and excessively time-consuming.

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Multilingual Form Translation

Citizens for whom English is not their first language encounter communication barriers when accessing public services. Equitability-minded agencies need a cost-effective way to allow constituents to respond in their preferred language.

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Procurement Process Automation

Purchasing departments struggle to harmonize all of the systems, individuals, and data required to solicit and negotiate price quotes.

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Project Proposals

With budgets under increasing public scrutiny, it behooves agencies to account for how spending decisions are made.

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