HR Solutions

We know government HR is different. With more employees and unique requirements, our flexible and fully compliant solution can help you standardize your processes and get more done.

Streamline and scale HR tasks.

Automate manual tasks

Our no-code solution lets your employees build, manage, and scale processes without IT support.

Leverage existing workflows

We’ve built workflow templates with state and local departments across the United States.

Increase productivity and morale

Automate bureaucratic administrative work and enable HR teams to focus on bigger tasks.

Explore HR Use Cases:

E-Recruitment with Online Forms and Process Automation

A Streamlined End-to-End Process for Approving and Posting Job Openings There’s no time to waste in filling a vacant position! …

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Employee Travel Authorization Workflow

Submit, Calculate, and Reimburse Travel Expenses Quickly and Accurately Digitize Your Process and automate complex reimbursement calculations. Employee Travel Expenses …

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Employee Onboarding

Fast, Efficient Onboarding—for Everyone Involved! Streamline and simplify the entire process of bringing a new hire aboard. Employee Onboarding Challenge …

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Vaccine Verification

Develop a Simple Vaccine Form and Portal SimpliGov enables agencies to send citizens and employees a link to a user-friendly …

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Professional Development Request

Approve and Reimburse Staffers’ Career Development Activities Quickly Empower public sector workers to propose agency sponsorship of supplemental education that will …

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Staff Expectations Memo

Disseminate and Collect Signoff on Workplace Standards Agencywide at Scale Get thousands of employees to formally acknowledge organization policies with …

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