Work smarter, not harder!

Speed your workflow and form design process using our intelligent AI chatbot. 

Forms & Workflow Builder

Build workflows and forms with English language descriptive text.

Formulas & ReGex Builder

Use SimpliAI to generate simple or complex formulas.

Design with CSS Builder

Having problems with CSS? Not to worry, now you can beautify your forms in a guided AI tool.

Citizen Designers
Create forms & workflows fast and intuitively with SimpliAI.

The SimpliAI chatbot assistant allows anyone to develop robust forms and workflows. No programming knowledge is required. Using natural language to describe your processes, the assistant collects the information it needs and guides you through the steps required to build forms and workflows. SimpliAI intuitively validates your processes to make sure everything works as designed.    

Technical Designers
Save time generating formulas and regular expressions.

Kickstart your development by using the SimpliAI Regex and Formula Assistant to generate code using simple natural language.

UX Designers
Generate custom CSS files using natural language.

End users demand elegant, intuitive user-friendly experiences when interacting with forms and processes. Now you can create modern form designs with guided help from the SimpliAI chatbot.

Unlimited Solutions

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