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Digital Transformation for Local Governments

Build, optimize, and manage user-friendly end-to-end processes in-house with our no-code platform.

Workflow Automation

Optimize and streamline processes by automating data transfers, communications, and task routing.

Digital Forms

Create intuitive, responsive digital services for residents with custom, branded smart forms.

Electronic Signature

Add eSignature to any workflow or form. Unlimited use and no per-signature costs!

Trusted by Local Government

Our trusted platform empowers local governments to run their own efficient, digital programs.

Our no-code designer enables employees of all tech capabilities to design and use solutions without IT support, starting with just one process or many.

Explore our library of use cases and learn how other departments leverage our platform to optimize and streamline their processes.

Solutions for any department.


Build trust with end-to-end modern experiences.

We believe government experiences should be simple and efficient, and residents should be able to interact with government easily anytime, anywhere, on any device.

administrative solutions

Increase the speed and efficiency of your organization.

We understand government processes can be unique, and our solution flexes to meet those needs, not the other way around.

Case management

Support your field workers.

Case management needs to be mobile, efficient, and seamless. Our solution works with your existing infrastructure to help you digitize your field staff.

HR Solutions

Streamline and scale HR tasks.

We know government HR is different. With more employees and unique requirements, our flexible solution can help you standardize your processes and get more done.

Whole Person Consent Forms

Automate This Important Health Services Form and Workflow An integrated form and workflow helps better target and deliver health, behavioral health, and social services. Whole

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Information Technology

Automate and manage IT processes.

IT wears a lot of hats. With the SimpliGov platform, your IT department can easily manage and automate requests, trainings, authorizations, and more.

Project Approval

Systematically Evaluate Major New Organization Projects Give project management teams an easy way to review, approve, and prioritize proposals for big new initiatives. Project Approval

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Permits and Licensing

Streamline Permitting Applications.

Digitizing your permitting and licensing applications with automated workflow and reviews streamlines the process, making a better experience for all parties.

Proven Results

Explore solutions used by state and local departments across the country:

Red Folder – Executive Document Tracking and Review

Streamline and Accelerate Your Executive Review and Approval Process Our “Red Folder” solution empowers you to quickly and easily optimize …

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Whole Person Consent Forms

Automate This Important Health Services Form and Workflow An integrated form and workflow helps better target and deliver health, behavioral …

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Legal Residence Application

A Digital Process Ensures Accurate Assessments and Taxation Tax assessors levy accurate property taxes quickly when they automate the process …

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Continuous Case Management

Work on Cases in Offline Mode CCM allows social workers, building inspectors, meter readers, and other field employees to complete …

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Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP)

Leverage Your ERAP Funds Get rental assistance out quickly to constituents who need it most. Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) …

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Child Support Services

Digitize and Streamline the Entire Child-Support Case Process, from Application to Enforcement Systematically manage and track thousands of child support …

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