Build better government forms

Digitize manual, paper-based forms to give your constituents the clean, modern government experience they expect.

Smart forms

Build dynamic, custom-styled forms that respond to input, making it easier (and quicker) for users to navigate and complete.

Standardized data

Securely transfer data to your internal databases in a standardized and validated format with fewer errors.

End-to-end automation

Build forms into workflows to automate responses, notifications, and document creation.

Create online forms easily with our intuitive form builder.

Built with government forms in mind, the SimpliGov form builder is an intuitive no-code designer with all the features necessary for customizing and digitizing your forms.

Build custom form fields or leverage pre-built ones.

With over 40 standard form fields to choose from, and our additional government-specific fields, you can build forms with calculations, tables, auto-population, nested fields, and much more. 

Integrate your data into form fields.

Build smart, intuitive forms by integrating data from any source directly into individual form fields. Our connectors are simple to set up and have two-way connections to internal and external data sources.

Tools & Features

Everything you need to build successful government forms. 

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form fields

Create any form with our full toolbox of form field types.

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Custom styling

Design your forms to match your style and brand.

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Multiple-Page Forms

Include multiple-page forms for each workflow.

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Include calculated fields based on input criteria.

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Prebuilt Blocks

Save time with pre-built reusable content blocks.

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Embed Forms

Include your forms on any page or external website.

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Include content subsections and allow users to drill down into them.

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Custom Logos

Branded forms with your company logo, custom HTML, and imagery.

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Tables, Data

Include tables, spreadsheets, and other data elements into forms.

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Captcha & Barcodes

Captcha and barcode inclusion.

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ADA Compliant

Compliant forms meeting government ADA standards.

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Interacting with forms is optimized across a wide range of devices, from desktop to mobile.

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Display form fields in multiple languages.

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File Uploads

Single or multi-file upload capability.

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Criteria-based auto and pre-population of fields.

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Form Relationships

Connect different forms across workflows.

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Workflow Attachment

Attach SimpliGov workflows to your forms.

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Custom Notifications

Custom-branded logos and content for communications. 

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Integrate payments for seamless end-to-end transactions.

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Platform Integrations

Integrate form data with internal and external platforms.

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Capture electronic signatures at any stage in form completion.



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Admin Notifications

Stay up to date with each step of the completion and review of forms with custom admin communications.

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Track and View

Insightful data.

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Audit Trail

View and manage every data item across any forms workflow.

Unlimited solutions

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