Permits and Licensing Solutions

Simple applications and automated notifications and renewals ensure faster approvals and ongoing compliance.

Improve approvals and compliance with end-to-end automation.

Simple online forms

Intuitive accessible forms improve and automate the permitting application process.

Automated routing

Faster application process with configured automated workflow reminders and renewals.

eSign and generate documents

Data from forms automatically integrated into final permit documents with eSignature.

Explore Permit and Licensing Use Cases:

Automotive Business Licenses

Reduce the time it takes to register and certify smog centers, repair shops, parts suppliers, auto glass specialists, and other vehicle maintenance companies.

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Clean Air Vehicle (CAV) Decals

Automate the process of qualifying clean-air vehicles and issuing decals for driver incentives.

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Animal and Plant Health Import Permitting

Many agricultural, transportation, port authorities, veterinarians, laboratories, and other departments still rely on manual and legacy processes to verify the health of animal and plant shipments.

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Multilingual Form Translation

Citizens for whom English is not their first language encounter communication barriers when accessing public services. Equitability-minded agencies need a cost-effective way to allow constituents to respond in their preferred language.

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Public Contractor Registrations and Renewals

It’s time for transportation, roads, public works, and other departments that vet construction, architectural, and engineering businesses to move the registration process online.

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Request a Workflow Automation

Agencies have many manual workflows, and paper based forms that could potentially be upgraded to efficient online automated processes. Staff and management need a systematic way to prioritize them.

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ADA Compliance for Digital Forms

Converting non-compliant PDF forms is a time- and cost-intensive practice. The proliferation of noncompliance lawsuits is fast-tracking the need for all government agencies to modernize the way they provide services.

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Incident Reporting

Agency staff and subcontractors at convention centers, parks, arenas, schools, election halls, hospitals, special events, and other public spaces need a simple way to collect and transmit information on crimes, hazards, and other episodes of potential legal liability on the spot via mobile devices.

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Insurance Agency Credentials Submissions

Departments of insurance require the submission of forms around continuing education for insurance agents and brokers. Many combinations of form fields are required depending on the purpose and the format of the course—course approvals, course completions, course attendance, and course evaluations, for example.

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ADA Compliant Forms for Paratransit Program

Paratransit programs make a powerful impact on the lives of the people who depend on them. Unfortunately, rudimentary digital forms and manual processes can prevent citizens from accessing these indispensable services.

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Specialty License Applications

Applying for licenses that involve transcripts, recommendations, interviews, background checks, and other special requirements can be taxing for candidates and the agency workers evaluating them.

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DMV Disabled Placard Renewal

The process for renewing disabled placards can be confusing, time-consuming, and error-prone if it relies on PDFs—or even worse, paper-based forms—and manual routing.

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Construction Permit Application

Cities often force contractors, homeowners, and developers to file applications for new residential and commercial construction projects in person at city planning offices. City planners and applicants have to collaborate over numerous complex paper documents in the evaluation of each initiative, a process filled with red tape for both parties.

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Online Trademark Application

Manual, paper-reliant trademark application processes are long, error-prone, and confusing.

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Online Business Filings

In-person, paper-based, and manual business registration is laborious, costly, and time-consuming.

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Apprenticeship Agreements

The process of applying to become an official state-recognized apprentice is often slow and rife with errors and delays.

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Certification Programs

The process of managing trade certifications and licensing is repetitive, paperwork-intensive, and full of mistakes, delays, and costs.

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