Conduct the entire building development application process remotely!

Allow property owners and developers to submit plans for new projects—and city planners to collaborate with them and each other—online.

Construction Permit Application


Cities often force contractors, homeowners, and developers to file applications for new residential and commercial construction projects in person at city planning offices. City planners and applicants have to collaborate over numerous complex paper documents in the evaluation of each initiative, a process filled with red tape for both parties.


  • User-friendly digital form with customizable fields
  • Easy upload and organization of accompanying documentation
  • Automatic case creation and routing to appropriate staff for review
  • Seamless collaboration among city planners and applicants, regardless of location
  • Automation of repetitive, bureaucratic tasks
  • Integrated electronic signature
  • Integration with existing applications and databases

SimpliGov in Action

  • Digital forms can be configured to collect the data that matters to YOUR department
  • Homeowners, contractors, and developers can apply online using any laptop, smartphone, desktop, or other device of their choice
  • New cases are generated automatically with basic data prepopulated thanks to integrations with existing customer databases and mapping platforms
  • Workflow automation initiates correspondence with applicants about missing or incomplete fields and next steps
  • The SimpliGov platform automatically triggers requests for additional forms when necessary and prepopulates duplicate fields (e.g., name, case number, etc.)
  • SimpliSign electronic signature is integrated with the digital form and process for free
  • Applicants upload maps, plans, images, and other important accompanying documents into a central portal with a click of a button
  • Easy integration with existing databases enables city planners to pull in mapping data and automatically update project management systems
  • City planning staff collaborates remotely through the SimpliGov platform in the evaluation of each case
  • Form letters can be automatically generated through the system
  • No-code, cloud-based SimpliGov solutions can be implemented rapidly


Modernize the process of approving new construction projects.
  • A better citizen experience—no need to file for a permit and offload critical documents in person!
  • More efficient staff—no manual filing or routing of paper-based applications, and easier collaboration across disparate locations
  • Reduction in lost data—cases past and present are easily retrieved from an accessible digital archive, instances of missing or misplaced forms in agency record files are virtually eliminated

Ready to begin?

We have you covered.

Moving to automation can be a daunting task. Even for the simplest of processes. If you don’t know where to begin, dont fret – we have you covered. Start with one of our onboarding templates and we will work hand in hand with you to customize it for your specific needs. Our aim is to get you up and running as fast as possible. 

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