Education Courses

Insurance Agent Continuing Education and Credentialing Submissions.

A Statewide Platform for Tracking Licensed Insurance Agent Education Credentials


Departments of insurance require the submission of forms around continuing education for insurance agents and brokers. Many combinations of form fields are required depending on the purpose and the format of the course—course approvals, course completions, course attendance, and course evaluations, for example.

These departments generally handle these forms by emailing PDFs back and forth. The process is not only time-consuming but presents other operational and data integrity issues. First, forms could be sent to the wrong person in error, which results in a high probability of processing delays. Second, there is no consistent procedure for ensuring timeliness of processing. Third, there is no enforcement of document lifespan or control policies. Lastly, the storage of PDF files on multiple devices could increase the vulnerability of files to cyber attack.


The SimpliGov platform delivers:

  • A systematic, unbreakable process with pre-defined routing rules
  • Use of different types of data collection fields (e.g., formatted fields for license number, radio buttons for type of submitter, text fields for additional comments, date/time selection boxes for timesheets)
  • Integration with agent/advisory enterprise licensing compliance software for auto-validation of license numbers
  • A consistent experience for licensed agents and brokers
  • Integration with SimpliSign eSignature to capture certified signatures on legally binding documents—at no extra cost
  • Document handling that offers greater control and less risk of exposure

SimpliGov in Action

  • Better user experience for agents; a more friendly layout that eliminates non-required fields
  • Alerts and notifications for late tasks to keep the process moving seamlessly
  • Conditional logic that displays only relevant fields driven by specific criteria
  • Automated configurable workflow that accommodates internal employees and agents/brokers
  • Tracking of process status, including completed and overdue tasks
  • Audit trails and integrated SimpliSign eSignature for compliance
  • Form integration with SimpliSign eliminates the need for compatible PDF viewers to read and complete online forms


  • Faster form processing and improved productivity for both internal and external users
  • Elimination of deleted, incomplete, or missing files
  • Improved data integrity and accessibility
  • A more secure digital environment

Ready to begin?

Automating your processes need not be a daunting task. Contact us and we will show you how SimpliGov can help you achieve your goals in record time.

Ready to begin?

Automating your processes need not be a daunting task. Contact us and we will show you how SimpliGov can help you achieve your goals in record time.

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