Public Contractor Registrations and Renewals

Allow Construction Industry Professionals to Register – and Renew – Their Business Credentials Easily

Digitize the important process of enrolling and renewing licensed contractors.


It’s time for transportation, roads, public works, and other departments that vet construction, architectural, and engineering businesses to move the registration process online.


With SimpliGov, agencies can:

  • Program automatic renewal reminder emails to be sent to registrants at a specific time (e.g., one month prior to expiration date) with registration link
  • Automatically create new records for first-time registrants and update the same record with each renewal—applicants don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time
  • Capture basic business info, standard billing rates, previously approved rates, out-of-pocket expense charges, payroll details, and other essential data via customizable forms
  • Empower businesses to list details of their choosing on the agency’s website (e.g., email and phone contact information)
  • Provide a portal for easy upload of licenses, bonding documentation, form 330s, and other supporting documentation
  • Integrate registration form data with existing CRM and billing databases for quick implementation and seamless constituent/employee user experience
  • Instantaneously route registrations and renewals to appropriate personnel for approval
  • Allow reviewers to request additional documentation or clarification from applicants with autogenerated email alerts

SimpliGov in Action

  • Digital forms with customizable fields, dropdown menus, yes/no buttons, and text boxes  
  • Conditional logic—display only appropriate fields based on previous answers (e.g., create new record for first-time registrant, display blank name fields based on corresponding number of authorized signers)
  • Autopopulation of fields (e.g., ID number triggers instant completion of basic company information)
  • User-friendly portal for easy upload of supporting documentation
  • Workflow automation routes submissions to employees for review in appropriate order
  • Correspondence between reviewers and constituents conducted and recorded in the SimpliGov system
  • Dashboard to view and download reports by region, business type, renewal history, or other desired variables
  • Integrated eSignature
  • Integrations with existing business records and billing databases 


  • Easier, faster, and more user-friendly experience for registered contractors
  • Agencies process more submissions in less time
  • Greater accuracy across contractor records
  • Legal and regulatory compliance—documentation is organized and accessible

Ready to begin?

Automating your processes need not be a daunting task. Contact us and we will show you how SimpliGov can help you achieve your goals in record time.

Ready to begin?

Automating your processes need not be a daunting task. Contact us and we will show you how SimpliGov can help you achieve your goals in record time.

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