Incident Reporting

Easily Record Health and Security-Related Incidents on the Go.

Enable Onsite Personnel to Capture Incident Details through Online Forms


Agency staff and subcontractors at convention centers, parks, arenas, schools, election halls, hospitals, special events, and other public spaces need a simple way to collect and transmit information on crimes, hazards, and other episodes of potential legal liability on the spot via mobile devices. Paper-based forms are often not available until time has elapsed after an incident, which can cause key details to be forgotten. Photos and other supporting evidence are unable to be inseparably connected to the incident record.


The SimpliGov platform delivers:

  • Easy and speedy collection of information pertaining to the parties involved, witnesses, injury symptoms and severity, police involvement, and outcomes using smartphones or tablets
  • Automatic routing of submitted forms to on-duty officers, security services specialists, and commanding supervisors, according to your agency’s chain of command
  • OSHA compliance and post-incident legal protection
  • The ability to allow contractors and third parties access to the SimpliGov platform as needed

SimpliGov in Action

  • Intuitive digital forms with customizable fields, dropdown menus, and text boxes
  • Conditional logic—display only appropriate fields and auto-populate them as appropriate based on previous answers
  • User-friendly portal for easy upload of photos on site
  • Automated configurable workflow that routes incident reports to internal and security contractors in proper sequence
  • Continuous Case Management (CCM) capability—complete digital forms while offline in areas with spotty internet connectivity
  • Correspondence between all levels of personnel conducted and tracked through the SimpliGov system
  • Dashboard to view and download reports by reporting employee, incident type, injury, or other variable
  • Integrated eSignature
  • Compliance with OSHA and other safety reporting standards
  • Use of Active Directory service to manage external users


  • Dramatic increase in accuracy of incident reports
  • Save dozens of employee person-hours over the course of a year
  • Legal protection and compliance
  • Increased visibility—improve operations based on dashboard insights
  • Ease of use allows external users to navigate forms with confidence

Ready to begin?

Automating your processes need not be a daunting task. Contact us and we will show you how SimpliGov can help you achieve your goals in record time.

Ready to begin?

Automating your processes need not be a daunting task. Contact us and we will show you how SimpliGov can help you achieve your goals in record time.

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