Process Public Transit Passes Quickly

Enable residents to sign up for transportation passes easily and agencies to get them into their hands rapidly.

Transportation Pass Applications


Mass transit authorities that want to provide public transportation passes often have very unique requirements—eligibility prerequisites, tiering systems, price points, and program exceptions vary widely. Digital forms and processes must be tailored to their very specific needs without compromising speed or accuracy.


  • Customize digital forms fields to display eligibility questions up front and eliminate ineligible applicants before they see the rest of the form—no wasted time for citizens! 
  • Design consistent workflows across multiple municipalities, as well as third parties (e.g., fulfillment centers) 
  • Tailor processes for different categories of riders (e.g., youth, seniors, students, disabled, low-income, etc.) 
  • Generate reports detailing operational efficiency (e.g., applications received, open applications, and percentage of applications fulfilled) 

Simpligov in Action

The SimpliGov transportation pass applications solution contains all the tools necessary for facilitating an efficient digital automated process: 

  • Intuitive digital forms with customizable fields  
  • Automated configurable workflow that can accommodate multiple internal and external stakeholders 
  • Integrations with existing customer, billing, and other internal systems 
  • User-friendly portal for supporting documentation 
  • Automatic ranking of requests in the queue by priority or first-come, first-served basis 
  • Dashboard for reporting and tracking of process status, tasks, and documents 
  • Audit trails with autogenerated documents and compliance 
  • Integrated eSignature 


  • Quick and easy process for citizens—riders can potentially receive passes in days 
  • Simple and efficient application processing for employees 
  • Visibility into program performance 

Ready to begin?

We have you covered.

Moving to automation can be a daunting task. Even for the simplest of processes. If you don’t know where to begin, dont fret – we have you covered. Start with one of our onboarding templates and we will work hand in hand with you to customize it for your specific needs. Our aim is to get you up and running as fast as possible. 

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