Transportation Pass Applications

Transportation Pass Applications

Make it quick and easy for citizens to apply for and receive public transit passes.

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Use Cases / Transportation Pass Applications

Design and process transportation pass applications

With online forms and workflow automation tools, riders can sign up for transportation passes easily and agencies can get them into residents’ hands rapidly.


Mass transit authorities that want to provide public transportation passes often have very unique requirements—eligibility prerequisites, tiering systems, price points, and program exceptions vary widely. Digital forms and processes must be tailored to their very specific needs without compromising speed or accuracy.


  • Intuitive digital application form with clear fields
  • Category segmentation capability (e.g., age, income, etc.)
  • Ability to accommodate multiple municipalities, as well as third parties (e.g., fulfillment centers)
  • Portal for supporting documentation
  • Streamlined and automated routing of tasks, from application processing to fulfillment
  • Accessible database for all applications
  • Reporting capabilities on key performance metrics
  • Easy configuration and tailoring to agency business processes


  • SimpliGov’s platform supports greater metropolitan area transit systems by providing a seamless and consistent workflow across multiple municipalities
  • Forms and processes can segment different categories of riders (e.g., youth, seniors, students, disabled, low-income, etc.)
  • Intuitive digital form displays eligibility questions up front and eliminates ineligible applicants before they see the rest of the form—no wasted time for applicants!
  • Proof of age, income, residence, and other documentation is uploaded into the system
  • Workflow automation routes applications to appropriate employees for verification, payment, and fulfillment
  • Applications are stored in a central database, where they can be accessed via a user-friendly dashboard
  • Generate granular reports detailing operational efficiency (e.g., applications received, open applications, and percentage of applications fulfilled)
  • SimpliGov’s no-code, cloud-based platform can be implemented quickly and leverage existing infrastructure
  • SimpliSign eSignature is integrated into the form at no extra cost


  • Quick and easy process for citizens—riders can potentially receive passes in days
  • Simple and efficient application processing for employees
  • Visibility into program performance
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Look who is using SimpliGov & loving it.

Look who is using SimpliGov & loving it.
Look who is using SimpliGov & loving it.