Documents: The Foundation of the Integrated Form-Workflow-eSignature Solution—and of the Modern, Digital Government

When workflow automation serves as a bridge that prevents electronic forms and signatures from working in a vacuum, governments create streamlined, orderly processes with significantly fewer errors that allow them to quickly create and deliver critical services to citizens in response to changing circumstances. But at the heart of government’s inner workings—and the services they power—are the electronic […]

Workflow Automation: The Bridge That Connects Digital Forms and Signatures

Workflow Automation: The Bridge That Connects Digital Forms and Signatures Recently, we expanded on why it’s so important to keep digital forms and electronic signatures together in an integrated solution, something no one has to think about with paper forms. But where physical forms inherently come with signature fields at the end, it’s a bit more of […]

Why Digital Forms and eSignatures Can’t Stand Alone

Completing and signing a physical form is a pretty straightforward exercise. Fill out the fields and sign at the end. Need more than one signature? There’s usually plenty of space for multiple autograph slots. Form and signature fields come together in one document. It’s a fact so basic that nobody would spend a millisecond acknowledging […]

Why eSignature Is Hardly a Standalone Product

Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures are a regular part of our personal and professional lives and have been for some time. Few would prefer to print out documents and sign them with a ballpoint pen when they can apply their John Hancocks with a click of a button or a few gyrations with a mouse. But while everyday […]

Government Workflow Automation to Accelerate in the State of Texas with Visionary Integration Professionals & SimpliGov

AUSTIN, Texas, September 16, 2020 – The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly accelerated the need for government to adopt automated workflows and increasingly handle work online. To address this need, SimpliGov and Visionary Integration Professional (VIP) have teamed up to provide Texas agencies and departments with fast and easy access to industry-leading workflow automation and digital government tools − already widely […]

The Future of Digital Government: The Technology & Leadership Nexus

By Gary Leikin, SimpliGov CEO In closing a remarkable 2021, I can’t help but feel even more optimistic for the year ahead. Yes, 2021 was an incredibly hard year on communities nationwide as the pandemic continued to disrupt lives and drive continuing uncertainty. And yes, the start of 2022 has introduced new variants and challenges […]

2022 and the End to Partially Digitized Processes

By Gary Leikin, SimpliGov CEO Partially digital processes inspire frustration among citizens the world over. This idea refers to anything that combines a technological and manual (“IRL”) component within the same workflow. Think about a time you completed an extensive online form only to be asked on the final page to print your results and bring them to a […]

Targeting Real Resources at Closing the “Digital Divide”

The Digital Divide is an idea that’s gained serious steam in political discourse lately. It’s a multiheaded problem, but can be summed up as the gap in access to information and modern communication technology between different groups of people. This gap disproportionately affects underprivileged members of society — particularly the elderly, those in poverty, individuals living in […]

Electronic Signature for Government – It’s About the Workflow!

Although the move away from legacy electronic signature pricing models and approaches was well underway before the pandemic, the unprecedented events of the past several years only served to accelerate the seismic shift already in motion across government. Pre-pandemic, many government customers still accepted legacy pricing models of being charged by ‘the envelope’ and positioning […]