We Were in the News at CMSWire

We’re followers of CMSWire, and we’re surprised – and grateful – to see our name come up in a column by regular contributor Jeff Aberant, the CMO of SparkPost, one of the leading cloud-based transactional email solution providers.

The column, “Whether B2B or B2C, Emotion Is the Heart of Good Growth Marketing,” explores how authenticity, trust and emotional connections with a vendor are even more important for supposedly cynical and metrics-reliant B2B buyers than they are for general consumers. That goes against prevailing wisdom, but there’s research to back it up.

Check out the column, because it’s an excellent exploration of the topic.

Our re-launched homepage apparently really resonated with Mr. Aberant as an example of how to make an emotional link with an audience:

The emotional promise? Eliminate the aggravation you’re suffering from old-fashioned workplace processes. SimpliGov knew from experience that managers and key influencers were frustrated with the problems these caused in terms of costs, client service and employee retention. But they wanted a simple way out, not another source of annoyance.

We could say this was the result of a long and super-sophisticated analytical messaging strategy…but we can’t. It’s really the result of experience with our customers over the years, and getting a real feel for the challenges they’re trying to overcome, and for what they want from a workflow automation platform and digital transaction management solution.

Thanks again to Josh Aberant and CMSWire for giving us a nod, though. We appreciate it!

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