Workflows should
not be difficult

Meet SimpliGov, a Government Online Forms & Workflow Automation Platform.

Why use SimpliGov?

Boost productivity

Boost productivity

Boost workforce productivity and eliminate paper using smart online forms with automated workflow notifications.

Accelerate workflow

Accelerate workflow

Design your own online forms, automated workflow processes and electronic signatures, enabling faster, more accurate workflow across your organization.

Gain oversight & insight

Gain oversight & insight

Centralized workflow dashboards, unlimited integrations, and real-time audit trails keep you informed at all times.


How does government automation work?

We take the hard work out of accelerating public service processes.

Step 1: DesignStep 2: BuildStep 3: Measure

How it works:

We walk you through how to design forms using simple drag-and-drop tools, or even import and convert your own forms. Then add multilingual support and other “smart” features.
We show you how to build workflows with ease using our intuitive interface, with nary a call to IT because there’s no programming necessary. You’ll easily streamline and optimize even complex processes.

Sit back and enjoy centralized, optimized and transparent workflow management, version control, multi-platform data integration, audit trails, analytics, and more. Or jump back in and start automating other workflows!


Get started with electronic signatures by SimpliGov.

SimpliSign is part of the SimpliGov platform and available to integrate with any form or workflow through our designer interface.


A year in the life of your bottom line.

SimpliGov delivers instant efficiency, which equals immediate ROI on your workflow automation investment.



Number of workflows in a mid-to-large enterprise.

saved per workflow


Average cost in work hours saved via workflow automation.

saved in the last year


Potential cost savings using SimpliGov’s platform.

Make government services smarter – today!

Let us show you how to provide smarter, faster and more efficient government services and community engagement.