FOIA Requests

FOIA Requests

The easiest way to fulfill inquiries under the Freedom of Information Act.

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Use Cases / FOIA Requests

It doesn’t have to take forever to complete FOIA requests

An integrated digital form, workflow, and eSignature solution enables agencies to turn requests for public documents around quicker than has heretofore been possible.


Many moving parts are involved in responding to citizens’ demands for government files, and every agency processes these transactions differently. FOIA requests potentially require the coordination of several employees across multiple departments in a complicated decision-making process that gets very messy when it is conducted manually.


  • Digital form with fields that can be customized to account for a variety of requests, documents, and citizen profiles
  • Automatic routing of applications to the appropriate department contacts for fulfillment with clear escalation paths
  • Ability to set and extend deadlines
  • Documentation and organization of correspondence between employees
  • Visibility into status of requests
  • Payment processing
  • Secure portal that can house all files and data associated with each request
  • Integration with existing enterprise applications


  • Form wizard’s user-friendly drag-and-drop menu allows agencies to create fields that account for numerous document (e.g., licenses, registrations, citations, case numbers, legislation) and file types (e.g., videos, emails, maps, plans, audio recordings, paper memos)
  • Application can accommodate tiered pricing, proportionate deposits, and hardship discounts and automatically calculate fees by labor and material (DVDs, CDs, mailers, etc.) costs
  • Workflow can be adapted to your processes—no need to change the way you facilitate applications to fit another vendor’s software
  • Requests are automatically ordered by due date and priority, forwarded to the appropriate divisions based on form data, and routed to the many stakeholders in proper order
  • Employees can pose questions and assign additional duties to others through the system where that communication is recorded and archived
  • Status of each request, including pending reviewers, can be accessed from a central dashboard
  • Integration with existing ERP systems enables seamless payment processing
  • Integration with redaction software enables precise editing of documents, videos, and audio files with audit trail in the same system
  • Citizens automatically receive link to portal containing redacted documents upon fulfillment and completion of payment
  • Generate reports detailing application processing rate by agency or department as well as the number of requests by region or category
  • No-code, cloud-based platform can be implemented quickly


  • Full transparency brought to one of the most important aspects of democratic government
  • Better citizen service
  • Increased efficiency—more requests are processed in significantly less time
  • Drastic reduction in errors and lost requests through the elimination of manual processes
  • Higher level of government accountability
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Look who is using SimpliGov & loving it.

Look who is using SimpliGov & loving it.
Look who is using SimpliGov & loving it.