ARPA (American Rescue Plan)

ARPA (American Rescue Plan)

Deliver the services that will get your constituents through the pandemic.

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Use Cases / ARPA (American Rescue Plan)

Erect a fast, orderly, and comprehensive process for distributing ARPA funds

SimpliGov’s flexible and intuitive platform empowers agencies to develop and deliver a wide variety of unemployment, healthcare, education, housing, and childcare services in a short time.


Many departments can potentially be involved in the creation and execution of new programs earmarked in ARPA legislation. Agencies need a quick and easy way to build a thorough process for distributing these temporary funds before they expire.


  • Digital form with fields that can be tailored to each agency’s specific needs and processes
  • Systematic, sequenced routing of application forms and/or program proposals to stakeholders across multiple departments with auto-generated alerts
  • Enable and record correspondence about proposals/applications in one centralized platform
  • Integrated electronic signature
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Visibility into status of individual service requests and program proposals
  • Reporting capabilities on trends around applications for ARPA services and overall program health


  • Customize digital forms to reflect the services being provided and to collect the information required by the departments that are administering them
  • Allow any department to propose an ARPA program through the SimpliGov platform
  • Automatically route internal program proposals or constituent application forms to legal, finance, customer service, chief of staff, administration, and other relevant offices in the proper order, according to your agency’s processes
  • Allow stakeholders to request more information from colleagues through the system, and centrally track all correspondence
  • Integration with CRM, billing, payment, and other systems ensures seamless distribution of funds and updating of primary citizen records
  • Generate reports illustrating dispersal of funds by program, geographic area, or demographic category and by overall program metrics (e.g., number of open requests, time taken to process requests, percentage of requests denied, etc.)
  • SimpliSign electronic signature comes integrated with the digital form and workflow at no additional cost
  • Trigger automatic review of programs by date or period of time
  • SimpliGov’s no-code, cloud-based platform can be live in weeks


  • Citizens get critical services in a time of unprecedented need
  • Greater employee engagement—departments are empowered to propose ARPA programs
  • Increased agencywide efficiency—an integrated digital form, workflow automation, and eSignature solution streamlines a complex process with many moving parts
  • Faster responsiveness—essential programs go live quickly in a situation where time is scarce
  • Better service increases trust in government
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Look who is using SimpliGov & loving it.

Look who is using SimpliGov & loving it.
Look who is using SimpliGov & loving it.