Accident Reporting

Accident Reporting

Make it easy for citizens to notify DMVs of automobile mishaps.

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Use Cases / Accident Reporting

Streamlining the accident reporting process

An integrated digital form and workflow saves drivers and insurance companies time and effort in complying with DMV requirements and deadlines.


Many DMVs mandate that drivers create records of collisions and fender benders great and small in a short timeframe. Drivers and their insurance companies often have only days to locate and fill out paper-based accident report forms and either fax, scan and email, or deliver them in person to the DMV.


  • Online form and process that mirrors the DMV’s existing documents and practices
  • Consistent end-user experience, whether report is filed online, by phone, or in person
  • Automation of repetitive bureaucratic filing and verification work
  • Integrated electronic signature
  • Integration with existing internal driver databases


  • Digital forms can be configured to mirror existing fields and layout using an intuitive drag-and-drop menu
  • Drivers or insurance companies can fill out online forms using any device or platform
  • Workflow automation performs bureaucratic tasks, such as transferring data to the main driver databases, updating individual motorist records, and generating PDF versions of the completed form
  • Exceptions that require further scrutiny from staff (e.g., work vehicle crashes, out-of-state drivers) are flagged automatically
  • SimpliSign electronic signature is integrated with the digital form and process at no extra cost
  • Claim forms are stored in a centrally accessible database
  • Generate reports detailing accident trends and overall DMV operational efficiency
  • No-code, cloud-based platform can be implemented quickly


  • Superior citizen experience—drivers can fill out and deliver form in minutes with a simple internet connection
  • Dramatic improvement in productivity—DMVs file more accident reports per month
  • Improved data integrity
  • Optimization of staff—employees can focus on higher-value activities and priorities
  • Stronger partner relationships—insurance companies better serve their customers and increase productivity
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Look who is using SimpliGov & loving it.

Look who is using SimpliGov & loving it.
Look who is using SimpliGov & loving it.