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The City of San Jose, CA Selects SimpliGov for Online Forms, Process Automation and Electronic Signatures

SAN FRANCISCO, California – May, 2020 — SimpliGov, a leading provider of government workflow automation and online forms, today announced that the City of San Jose in northern California has selected the SimpliGov platform for workflow automation and online forms with integrated electronic signatures.

COVID-19 impact response initiative helps support the city with a digital version of FEMA 213RR form to capture requests for emergency funding from the federal government.

One of the first forms that the city is deploying is a digital version of the FEMA 213RR form, which is being used to capture requests for necessary supplies, equipment and resources that are needed to respond to emergencies. The 213RR form is also the required form to secure funding reimbursement from the federal government in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through its COVID-19 Impact Response Center initiative, SimpliGov is helping cities like San Jose use digital tools to automate essential processes.

The city’s shift to the SimpliGov cloud-based platform will help streamline the processing of requests needed for emergency response and will optimize the process through which the city requests reimbursement from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to pay for personal protective equipment (PPE), such as masks, hand sanitizer and latex gloves, as well as for custodial services, fuel, remote computer equipment and additional staffing required in light of COVID-19.

“The challenge brought about by COVID-19 and associated financial challenges has required the City to maintain City services while innovating and transforming the way in which we provide those services,” said Jerry Driessen, Assistant CIO/CTO for the City of San Jose. “Since signing the contract with SimpliGov on March 25, 2020, we were able to quickly work with over 30 City staff to document the 213RR process and build it out in an automated workflow. Further automation of City processes will help create efficiencies for City staff at a time when they need those efficiencies the most.”

The automated form went live on April 28, 2020. Essentially, SimpliGov provides a digital version of the governmental form, building an automated workflow from initial data capturing to approvals and tracking to fulfillment. Built into the solution are advanced analytics capabilities to better keep track of inventory, new purchases and approvals across the organization.

Increasing efficiency, reducing complexities and accelerating response time, this automated solution replaces the previous paper-based workflow and a general project management spreadsheet-based approach.

“We value our relationship with the City of San Jose that has selected our automation, online forms and e-signature solutions, and we’re excited to help enable the city’s digital transformation, even to the point of helping the city streamline the vital process to obtain funding for much-needed resources to address COVID-19,” said Gary Leikin, CEO of SimpliGov. “Our COVID-19 Impact Response Center is available to cities just like San Jose during this challenging time.”

The City of San Jose is standardizing on the SimpliGov workflow automation platform and the SimpliSign electronic signature solution, which is easily integrated into their online forms. Another workflow that the city will be launching soon will be VPN access requests for remote employees and contractors. By automating this workflow from end to end, it will free up time for the city’s staff to focus on other important activities.

SimpliGov provides an easy way for the city to have a workflow with an online form for granting remote access. Updates in Active Directory are designed to be done automatically, triggering the approved access for an employee or a contractor – without a city employee having to do any manual activity.

In addition, the City of San Jose is building out their electronic signatures using SimpliSign to route signatures digitally. This will save the city time, resources and money. SimpliSign represents the next generation of e-signatures, integrated with online forms as part of an automated, digital process.

“By automating its workflows and shifting to online forms with integrated electronic signatures, the City of San Jose will be better equipped to deliver services to the city’s constituents more rapidly and more efficiently,” added Leikin. “The time savings and the ability for remote workers to facilitate requests, approvals and fulfillment from anywhere are critical during this challenging time.”

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