SimpliGov Teams with UiPath to Enhance Government Process Automation with Robotics and Online Forms

SAN FRANCISCO, California – February 12, 2020 — SimpliGov, a leading provider of government workflow automation and online forms, today announced that it has teamed up with UiPath, a leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company and one of the fastest growing artificial intelligence companies in the world, to help modernize government through process automation and artificial intelligence-driven robotics.

By working together, SimpliGov and UiPath are able to offer new capabilities to state, local and federal government to automatically validate user data (even when it is anonymous) and enable automated interactions between a modern, cloud-based platform and legacy systems. This advancement opens new possibilities for governments to adopt workflow automation to improve productivity, user experience, constituent engagement and government employee satisfaction.

The SimpliGov platform now connects to UiPath Orchestrator, a centralized robotic management dashboard. The API integration that SimpliGov has done essentially allows the data that SimpliGov’s online forms capture within government websites to be validated and easily converted by UiPath bots to other formats that are commonly used by government.

“The automation that SimpliGov and UiPath deliver for the public sector simplifies complex processes without costly development by government,” said Gary Leikin, CEO of SimpliGov. “Best-in-class solutions for robotic automation and workflow automation with online forms and e-signatures are now available to government in a streamlined way, unlocking the power and potential of automation to accelerate the delivery of government services to citizens.”

The two companies will work together to meet the needs of government agencies for streamlining repetitive, governmental activities by automating commonly requested processes and reducing process execution time from minutes to a few seconds.

The benefit to SimpliGov working with UiPath is being able to ensure government integration with scalable, robotics automation that is using the latest advancements in machine learning and advanced AI capabilities to transform government processes.

The benefit to UiPath working with SimpliGov is the gaining of a complementary, web-based form capability (HTML 5) to capture data that is then passed on to UiPath services via API, unlocking the data trapped in paper-based forms and eliminating the need for government customers to scan documents.

“Automation is increasingly gaining acceptance in the public sector, so the use of robotics is a natural next step for government to automate tedious, repetitive tasks for a variety of benefits,” said Chris Townsend, Vice President of Federal Sales at UiPath. “By working with SimpliGov, we are able to help government to more effectively validate and maximize the use of the data captured in online forms across the end-to-end automation continuum.”

Furthermore, due to the high level of security that is built in, the joint solution will also prevent bad actors from infiltrating the end-to-end automation, thereby protecting government from the misuse of robotics.

To view SimpliGov ‘s Connector for UiPath on the UiPath marketplace site, click here.

About the SimpliGov Platform for Government Workflow Automation and Online Forms
SimpliGov is a cloud-based government automation platform enabling government agencies to automate processes and workflows in record time, without coding. With the SimpliGov platform, governments gain significant time to value, as well as eliminate the need for long and costly implementations and avoid any need to rip and replace existing infrastructure. The SimpliGov platform is an advancement compared to complex, code-intensive solutions, or “freemium” point products that lack the robustness, flexible features and scalability that SimpliGov delivers. SimpliGov provides an easy-to-use solution on a proven platform that has been in use for years.

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