California’s DMV Modernizes with SimpliGov and UiPath for End-To-End Workflow Automation 

Legacy system integration improves data integrity and creates a connected enterprise.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is moving forward with its technology modernization efforts to create a digital DMV experience, increasing efficiency and automating processes so that nearly all transactions can be accomplished digitally and through other channels without visiting a DMV office. It’s highly relevant amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic to restrict people from congregating or touching paper forms to limit exposure while urging people to do more online from home. The combination of SimpliGov’s workflow automation and online forms, combined with UiPath’s robotics process automation for legacy integration, is making this possible.


  • Drivers had to complete forms manually and submit them by mail or in person
  • Roughly one-third of forms rejected due to incomplete submission
  • Workers spent up to 20 minutes manually keying each form into the DMV system
  • Resubmission or phone calls to customers required in many cases 


  • Customized SimpliGov digital form fields collect data pertinent to DMV
  • UiPath “bot” validates initial submission against internal DMV systems
  • SimpliGov workflow automation allows customers to continue or notifies them of ineligibility
  • UiPath bot automates gathering, verifying, and entering data
  • SimpliGov dashboard helps facilitate management of exceptions
  • SimpliGov workflow automation integrates payment for complete end-to-end transaction


  • Better user experience saves residents time and hassle
  • Improved submission quality
  • More requests processed in less time
  • More time to focus on higher-value activities
  • Integrated SimpliGov-UiPath solution delivered in two months

39 Million

Use Case

Vehicle Permits





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