Emergency Rental Assistance – It’s Not Too Late!

Distribute Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) Funds Quickly, Efficiently, and Accurately.

Time is running out to distribute Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) funds! SimpliGov’s integrated workflow, forms automation, and eSignature solution provides a streamlined end-to-end ERAP process—from application, prescreening, and verification to funds distribution and reporting. SimpliGov’s ERAP workflow can be implemented quickly, meets regulatory compliance standards, and is seamless and intuitive to use. Most important, it ensures that critical ERAP funds allocated to state and local governments reach citizens in need of housing aid quickly before the program expires on Dec. 31, 2021. There’s no time to waste—schedule a demo of SimpliGov ERAP now!

The SimpliGov platform is the foundation for an end-to-end ERAP workflow that makes every stage of the business process easy for agencies, employees, and citizens. Here’s how!


It has to be as fast and easy to build an ERAP workflow as it is to use one in order to meet the legislation’s compressed timeframes.

  • SimpliGov’s no-code, cloud-based solutions can be implemented quickly and leverage your existing infrastructure.
  • SimpliGov incorporates the specific requirements established by the 2021 Consolidated Appropriations Act into the ERAP workflow.

Residents use the medium of their choice to fill out applications and waste little time in finding out whether they are prequalified.

  • Platform accommodates and streamlines episode of-need applications submitted online, via phone, or in person.
  • Both landlords and tenants can initiate applications.
  • Form fields capture basic income, rent payment status, and other information required to determine pre-eligibility.
  • Prebuilt Area Media Income (AMI) calculator automatically produces AMI estimate based upon information supplied by the applicant.
  • Application asks pertinent eligibility questions up front, and eliminates ineligible applicants, including duplicate submissions, before they are allowed to fill out the rest of the form—no wasted time for taxpayers!
  • Eligible applicants are routed to the appropriate caseworker, ineligible applications are tracked in SimpliGov for reporting purposes.
Application Processing and Verification

SimpliGov automates the labor-intensive and manual parts of the process so that caseworkers can make the right decision swiftly and authorize funds to approved recipients in quick order.

  • SimpliGov enables internal staff and third-party assistance providers to serve prescreened ERAP applicants—agency employees, community-based organizations (CBOs), or other caseworkers.
  • Caseworkers contact applicants via their preferred medium (phone, text, or email), agencies set predetermined minimum number of days for applicants to respond.
  • Prescreened applicants are automatically reprioritized on a daily basis according to parameters detailed in the ERAP legislation, as well as other factors selected by the agency (e.g., number of days left to respond to caseworker).
  • Easy-to-use digital form allows caseworkers to securely obtain and fill in basic demographic information, social security number, background about the residence, details about other household members, additional income related figures, and other basic data.
  • Form intelligently displays only fields that are relevant to the specific applicant.
  • Electronic signatures or attestations are integrated with the form.
  • Supporting documentation, including paychecks, proof of identity, employment information, and verification of rental expenses, is uploaded into the platform.
  • Prebuilt calculators help determine the amount and duration of assistance approved.
  • Platform can allow for single or multiple episodes of need to be submitted by the applicant.
  • Data is stored securely in the Microsoft Azure Government cloud.
  • Funds Distribution and Tracking

    Agencies can always verify that money is getting into the hands of the people who need it. SimpliGov does all of the data mining for them.

    • All approved payment amounts, landlord details, and sources of funding are logged into the system.
    • All transactions can be updated and tracked at any time.
    • Data is stored securely in the Microsoft Azure Government cloud.
    • A user-friendly dashboard allows users to create reports by demographic information, geographic area, caseworker, third-party service provider, and other categories—agencies can analyze spending and client service patterns, and meet their formal reporting requirements.

    A smooth, automated ERAP workflow meets the needs of agencies, service providers, and tenants during a stressful time.

    • Caseworkers are freed up to focus on citizens in need.
    • More applications processed in less time.
    • Reduction in errors and graft.
    • On-demand visibility into program dollars, citizen impact, caseworker performance, and program effectiveness.

    The deadline for distributing ERAP funds is around the corner. Schedule a demo today to see how simple it is to get a user-friendly, efficient, and accurate ERAP process up and running in no time with SimpliGov!

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