Leverage NTIA Digital Equity Capacity Grant Funding to Improve Language Access to Digital Services.

NTIA Digital Equity Capacity Grant funding is available to remove barriers to digital inclusion.

SimpliGov helps extend services to citizens with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) through our Language Access Technology. Transform tedious and costly legacy form practices into digital forms that automatically render in the language preferred by your users.


  • Any Form – Paper, PDF, Digital
  • Configure forms once, render in as many languages as you need
  • Auto-route forms based on language selection
  • Provisions for custom translations of particularly sensitive wording
  • ADA compliance functionality built into form designer
  • Swift and straightforward deployment
  • Enterprise-grade versatility and cloud security built in from the core
  • Robust platform designed for the needs of government
  • Over 135 languages supported


  • Enhanced User Experience: By removing language barriers, users can interact in their native language, making your services user-friendly and inclusive.
  • Increased Engagement: Providing a positive, tailored experience increases the likelihood that constituents will re-engage for additional services.
  • Risk Minimization: Precise translations using optional language glossaries minimize the risk of misunderstandings and errors in sensitive wording.
  • Greater Cost Effectiveness: Auto-translation eliminates or reduces the need for human translations. Save money while maintaining a sound level of translation quality.
  • Promote a Positive Agency Culture: Take a major step forward in positioning your agency as a culturally sensitive, citizen-centric, and forward-thinking organization.

Grant applications are due by 5/28/24. Get started today!