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Government Forms Automation

Making online forms and workflow
processes smarter and better.

Government Forms Automation - 5 Reasons to say “Yes”!

Why automate government forms?

You know how costly and time-consuming manual processes can be for government. Old-school paper-based forms are part of the problem. And SimpliGov is your solution.

Maybe you’re already using digital forms, e-signatures or other tools, but those still won’t deliver the efficiency you need.

With SimpliGov, you can digitize and automate manual government forms so they become smarter, self-guiding, more standardized, even multilingual – reducing errors and accelerating public service processes.

Reducing errors and accelerating public service processes.

Reducing errors and accelerating public service processes.

Build government forms with ease.

Build government online forms with ease.

  • Our intuitive drag-and-drop Forms Designer makes it simple quickly design and publish even complex or highly interactive online forms with no IT involvement necessary.
  • Embed business logic, drop-down fields and more into your government forms.
  • Customize forms to your exact needs, unlike with other digital forms tools.
  • Multilingual support can let form users choose the language of their choice for filling out a government form, eliminating the need for multiple versions of the same document.
  • Government online forms can be self-guiding with SimpliGov, ensuring they’re error-free when submitted, preventing mistakes and delays.
  • Forms automation eliminates the “time suck” of employees having to walk form users through the submission process.
  • Seamless integration of government online forms with your SimpliGov workflows, as well as with other internal and external platforms, accelerates your speed and responsiveness.
Eradicate errors, accelerate processes.

Eradicate errors, accelerate processes.

Make your public (and public servants) happier.

Make your public (and public servants) happier.

  • Citizens, local businesses and others get to enjoy 24/7 access to services once you’ve put your government forms online.
  • Better online forms drive faster, smarter, more accurate processes and responses – and happier communities.
  • Freed from “pushing paper” or tracking lost paper-based forms, your employees can focus on more gratifying public service tasks.
  • Cut paper-based process costs, which can be 13 to 31 times the purchase price of the actual paper; a single U.S. office worker uses 10,000 sheets a year (
  • Eliminate the costs of finding lost paper government forms and related problems – a productivity loss of over 21% per worker per year (IDC).
  • The sizable costs of storing paper forms and documents, from file cabinets to space leasing, are eliminated.
  • Compliance costs are reduced since SimpliGov digital forms and workflows are automatically archived for easy retrieval and review.
Slash costs and waste.

Slash costs and waste.

What are you waiting for?

Let us help you transform your enterprise with a workflow automation that makes sense.


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Partners Portal

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