SimpliGov Helps California City Save 17,000 Hours a Month in Processing Time

Citywide Business Processes Run 60% Faster.

One of California’s largest cities was mired in manual processes. Employees citywide were printing and filling out forms for a wide variety of basic activities, including requesting time off, creating vendor contracts, and retrieving employee personnel files.

As is the case with paper-centric processes, many forms were temporarily misplaced or lost permanently as they moved from desk to desk for review, approvals, and wet signatures.

Fortuitously, the commitment to automate was made just before the COVID-19 pandemic required stay-at-home orders and moved workers to remote offices. With no way to route paper documents at home, documents and tasks began to overload staffers’ inboxes quickly.


  • Manual processes and paper forms to serve a city of over 1 million people
  • Forms were frequently misplaced or lost
  • Wet signatures required for all forms and contracts


  • Digital form and workflow platform with integrated electronic signature solution
  • No-code architecture with drag-and-drop configurability
  • Ability to integrate with existing applications through SimpliGov API
  • Status of review and approvals visible in central dashboard


  • Over 70 workflows automated
  • 60% increase in productivity through automation
  • Employees outside of IT are empowered to design processes on their own
  • Cloud architecture eliminates the need for IT to support infrastructure and licensing
  • An estimated 17,000 labor hours per month are saved agency-wide

1  Million

Use Case

Mobile Device Authorization, Vaccine Exemptions, Telework Approvals, Telework Approvals





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