Dorchester County Simplifies Government During the Pandemic 

Integrated Digital Forms and Workflow Automation Empower Employees to Serve Constituents Remotely Without Disruption.

While many state and local governments were caught largely unprepared at the start of the pandemic, Dorchester County of South Carolina was ready. Its digital transformation was already underway—the forward-looking county had turned to SimpliGov’s industry-leading workflow automation platform to digitize forms, automate processes, and deliver digital services on demand well before COVID-19 ravaged the United States in March 2020.

When stay-at-home orders went into effect last year, the county leveraged the SimpliGov platform to allow requests for speakers to speak virtually from remote locations at council meetings.


  • Streamline and better coordinate back-end processes that span multiple departments
  • Automate administrative tasks
  • Eliminate need for constituents to come to county offices in person


  • Digital forms customized to reflect Dorchester’s unique business processes
  • Integrated workflow, digital form, and SimpliSign eSignature deliver seamless user experience
  • User-friendly dashboard enables non-technical government personnel to track and move requests along


  • Deployed online applications for important services within days
  • Increased productivity and time savings, reduced complexity, and expedited time-to-value
  • Almost zero disruption in service to citizens during the pandemic
  • Applications tracked in a user-friendly dashboard


Use Case

Budget Transfer


Finance, HR



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