Chancellor’s Office Agreement Approval Process Streamlined with SimpliGov Workflow Automation  

Four New Digitized Workflows Went Live in Less Than Three Months.

The Chancellor’s Office is the administrative arm of the California Community Colleges Board of Governors, and is responsible for executing the Board’s policy initiatives, administering the financing of the community colleges, and supporting educational programming, professional development, and other system-wide functions for the system’s 116 educational institutions. The Chancellor’s Office of General Counsel finalizes several hundred agreements of different types every year—including grants valued at more than $120 million annually.


  • Manual process saw five copies of the same document in circulation at any given moment
  • Sudden shift to remote office forced inefficient document sharing through email and cloud portal
  • Tracking approvals from supervisor, HR, accounting, the vice chancellor, the Office of General Counsel, and third parties manually was cumbersome
  • Agreements took multiple months to approve


  • No-code, cloud-based workflow could be up and running quickly
  • User-friendly workflow automation tools allowed personnel from several departments to customize the process and route agreements accordingly
  • New workflow applied to grants, vendor agreements, contracts, and memoranda of understanding (MOUs)


  • Legal agreements are approved in 33% less time
  • Four new workflows went live in less than three months
  • Dashboard for monitoring status virtually eliminates bottlenecks

39 Million

Use Case

Contract Reviews


Education, Legal



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