5 Things to Know about Government Process Automation

We are often asked the question, “What are the most important things about government process automation? Why should a government agency automate its processes?” We thought we’d share a summary of what we have heard from our customers about why government process automation – or what we call government workflow automation – is important in this day and age.

The following are 5 things to know about government process automation:

  1. Efficiency gains and cost savings are significant when you implement process automation solution. We’ve seen government customers reduce costs by 80% or more and speed up workflows by 10x, 20x and higher. The possibilities that next-generation, cloud-based automation technology have opened up for government are better than ever.
  2. Government automation does not require a department to rip and replace legacy and outdated systems, yet it gives the benefit of providing better visibility across the government. A new wave of automation solutions is establishing unifying capabilities, such as process automation and integrated electronic signatures (i.e. SimpliGov + SimpliSign).
  3. It is easier to transition to process automation than one might think. By moving forms into the cloud with high security and tight compliance, you gain access to all of the easy-to-use tools that simplify the migration to a digital government automation platform.
  4. Government process automation is subscription-based, so it does not hit your capital budget; it’s an operating cost that gets spread out over time on a monthly basis. This makes the adoption of automation capabilities much more budget-friendly and easier to obtain internal approval within government.
  5. Last but not least, you and your team do not need to do any coding to transition to government process automation like SimpliGov. A cloud-based platform (such as SimpliGov) eliminates the need for you to do any coding. A government agency can even have non-IT personnel take the lead on creating their own web forms.

The best is to see the platform in action. We will be sharing some exciting customer success stories in the weeks and months ahead, so I encourage you to follow SimpliGov on LinkedIn and Twitter to stay up to date on what your counterparts in government are doing with government process automation to accelerate the delivery of services to people and to increase constituent engagement.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or want to see a demo, please contact Troy Bare, SimpliGov’s Vice President of Sales, at [email protected].

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