Workflow Automation Q&A #5: Key Considerations in Choosing an Automation Provider

What are the key considerations to keep in mind when you’re implementing a workflow automation solution?

Whether you’re in private enterprise or government, the first question to ask yourself is, will it integrate with my existing technology or will it be a rip-and-replace solution? The workflow automation platform you chose should be able to work with your existing technologies while also providing the option for replacement, if those systems are inefficient or outdated.

The platform you work with should have a wide array of existing integrations to choose from, and if that selection isn’t available, the platform engineers should be willing to work with your organization to meet your integration needs.

Another consideration to take into account is, do I want my workflow automation solution to be hosted in-house or do I want to use a Cloud-based platform? In-house servers eliminate concerns about security and safeguarding data while Cloud-based solutions can provide ease of scalability to meet growth spikes or flexible deployment across different locations.

Hybrid cloud or multi-cloud should also be available as options. Ultimately, the platform you pick should allow you to choose a configuration based on what’s best for your organization.

Another consideration? The success of the solution depends on change management from managers and other leadership. Without it, negative disruptions will occur – as with nearly any technology. There are several areas specifically that you should think about: employee utilization, retraining, offboarding/onboarding account management, and infrastructure concerns.

There are plenty of other things to consider, but if you start with thinking about your workflow automation solution as a spark to digital transformation rather than a single process automation tool, the implementation and ongoing use of the platform will be easier.

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