Be sure to check every box in making your government automation platform decision.

Choosing a Platform?

Here are the key benchmarks your automation platform should meet – based on actual feedback from real-world government agencies.
Use this checklist to run your own comparison.


  • SaaS
  • Unlimited user accounts and workflows
  • Reasonably priced
  • Standalone; doesn’t rely on another product


  • Almost every type of e-signature anyone would ever need

Intuitive Ease of Use

  • Individual, customizable user dashboards
  • Form-factor and platform agnostic to work on any device
  • Workflows can be template-based or customized

Data & Infrastructure

  • Provides pre-production and production environment
  • Quarterly managed updates
  • Only product where workflow data fields can be used to create custom dashboard filters
  • Public access
  • Anonymous access where required

Support & Customer Service

  • Quick learning curve and rapid implementation
  • Comprehensive training for users to create their own workflows
  • Bi-monthly customer support calls to review upgrades and support tickets
  • Supported by an attentive consulting & customer support team that really listens

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