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Why Digital Government?

Smarter services equal better communities.

How agile government workflow automation improves people’s lives

Government workflow automation and eForms automation using flexible solutions from SimpliGov are the new cornerstones of better public service.

When inefficient government departments or agencies get poor results from spending taxpayer dollars, they’re now being put on notice by voters, politicians and watchdog groups. So improving efficiency and responsiveness is a crucial need – and Simpligov workflow automation offers an immediate solution.

Real rewards for citizens & public servants

Here’s how government workflow automation improves a community by enabling more efficient and agile public service. Here are just some of the benefits.

  • Taxpayers are happier, as the cost savings a government automation platform delivers can get passed along to them in lower taxes, or applied to improving services.
  • Accessing services becomes convenient as online self-service forms and automated processes mean people can avoid lining up at a city office or waiting on a phone line.
  • Employees are freed from handling service requests or other monotonous, mundane tasks, improving their morale as they tackle more gratifying and productive work.
  • Around-the-clock responsiveness to service requests is now viable with a government automation platform, with automated notifications to assure citizens they’re been heard.
  • Services improve, as the response time and reliability of government operations are enhanced by the speed and precision of automated workflows.
  • Businesses benefit, since permitting processes and other interactions with city agencies are faster and more accurate.
  • Communities are better informed since forms, instructions, diagrams, infographics and other materials are now available online.
  • Deployment of resources and services gets smarter as the data and analytics made possible by a government automation platform give city managers the ability to optimize services more effectively than ever.
  • Constituents’ personal data is better protected than in paper-based systems, where mislaid forms and documents are common.
  • Greater transparency and accountability in government services boosts people’s trust in government.

A cornerstone of
“smart cities”

The “smart cities” movement that’s taking hold, not merely in the U.S. but globally, envisions communities where infrastructure, municipal services, urban planning, and resources are interconnected.

The citizenry benefits by receiving better governance and service, in everything from public safety to mobility and healthcare.
For a “smart city” to succeed, however, its back-end operations demand smart processes. With agile government workflow automation from SimpliGov, you’ll be getting a head start on creating tomorrow’s digitally-transformed community.

Alex Padilla

“Now, they (business owners) can submit trademark or service mark applications in minutes, from the convenience of their laptop, tablet or smartphone.”

Alex Padilla
California Secretary of State