Staff Expectations Memo

Staff Expectations Memo

Disseminate and collect signoff on workplace standards agencywide at scale.

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Use Cases / Staff Expectations Memo

Get thousands of employees to formally acknowledge organization policies with minimal effort

With an integrated digital form, workflow automation, and eSignature solution, agencies can verify that staffers across a division or department, or throughout the entire organization, have read guidelines pertaining to work hours, attendance, ethics codes, time entry, and other basic requirements of employment.


Many government entities need their employees to sign memos that formally outline standards for performance and behavior at least once a year. It takes an inordinate amount of time and tedious labor to distribute these documents, not to mention collect and file signatures, from hundreds of workers by hand.


  • Digital memo templates that can be tailored by policy or department
  • Ability to automatically send out memos en masse with a click of a button
  • Integrated electronic signature
  • Central, granular tracking of in-progress memos with visibility into status of individual employee signatures


  • Digital memos can be configured to encompass one or multiple topics (e.g., alternate work week schedules, unexpected time off, filing and recordkeeping standards, definitions of harassment, etc.)
  • Workflow automation instantly distributes memos with alerts to thousands of employees upon finalization
  • SimpliSign electronic signature enables workers to easily sign and return memos from their desks
  • Memo authors get on-demand access to worker signature status via a user-friendly dashboard
  • Reports can be generated by individual memo or groups of memos


  • Greater efficiency—elimination of manual dissemination and collection of paper memos frees up staff to concentrate on higher-value tasks
  • Transparency—supervisors set forth clear expectations for personnel
  • Accountability—all agency staff members are up to speed on critical organization policies and expectations
  • Legal compliance—repository of all records ensures notice has been given to all employees of key workplace laws
  • Agency policy compliance—staff onboarding and personnel records are accessible for internal auditing
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Look who is using SimpliGov & loving it.

Look who is using SimpliGov & loving it.
Look who is using SimpliGov & loving it.