Online Business Filings

Online Business Filings

Replace laborious, costly, and time-consuming business application processes with automation, accuracy, efficiency, and responsiveness.

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Use Cases / Online Business Filings

Online Business Formation

By digitizing and automating the LLC process, an agency or department can quickly and easily optimize efficiency, reduce errors, and stretch taxpayer dollars.


To implement a faster and more accurate online application process for registering LLC applications, especially in states and municipalities where the business filing process is still paper-based, or there is a requirement for high volume applications.


  • Pleasant online experience for business filers
  • LLC forms and workflows tailored to exact operational needs
  • Online, self-guiding forms available 24/7 to users
  • Routing and notifications automated and accurate
  • Faster processes cut cost and boost responsiveness
  • Repeatable, scalable compliance-based processes


By digitizing application forms and automating the review and approval process, it becomes faster and more efficient for everyone:

  • Fast, efficient, accurate 24/7 online filing
  • Responsive smart forms provide elegant user interactions
  • Sophisticated workflow with automated alerts and notifications
  • Integrated electronic signatures
  • Integrations to multiple third-party applications including payment system, single sign on and document repository
  • Centralize dashboard for viewing and managing applications in real time
  • Data transactions captured in audit trail that lives forever
  • Admin tools enabling drag and drop design for forms and workflow updates


Thanks to this solution business owners can file for registration at their convenience from a laptop, tablet or smartphone, with fast responses and business registration.


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Look who is using SimpliGov & loving it.

Look who is using SimpliGov & loving it.
Look who is using SimpliGov & loving it.