Executive Document Review and Tracking Process
(Red Folder) made E.A.S.Y.

Streamline and accelerate your executive review and approval process. The SimpliGov Automation Platform “Red Folder” solution empowers you to quickly and easily optimize efficiency, reduce errors, and stretch taxpayer dollars.

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Use Cases / Executive Document Review and Tracking Process (Red Folder) made E.A.S.Y.

Here’s how you’ll make it E.A.S.Y.

Ensure that the right decision-makers always get the right forms and information, and make timely decisions. And that review and approval workflows are transparent, secure, and safely preserved – with SimpliGov.



  • Intuitive ease of use drives quick application adoption
  • Workflow dashboards empower process transparency and oversight
  • Sophisticated collaboration tools enhance teamwork
  • Elegant analytics and reporting support governance and optimization



  • Clear and simple HTML5 request forms can embed “smart” logic
  • Routing is automatic, accurate and error-free
  • Repeatable, compliance-based processes reduce risk
  • Automated notifications and alerts ensure participation
  • Unlimited, seamless integrations with legacy and third-party platforms



  • Fully integrated electronic signature functionality
  • Role-based permission settings control user access to sensitive data
  • Advanced document repository for automatic process archiving
  • Developed with top data security and compliance experts to meet the toughest standards



  • Advanced configuration tools for total customization of forms and workflows to your exact needs
  • Flexible and scalable to meet your demands today and tomorrow

Proven in practice.

The SimpliGov Automation Platform and its Red Folder process application have already met and exceeded the requirements of government entities demanding more agility, responsiveness, and efficiency.

Proven in practice

Expert collaboration takes you further.

Our acclaimed customer support experts can work with you to tailor the perfect solution. Some of the functionality we can bring to your Red Folder process?

  • Bi-directional document routing between departments
  • Ad hoc document routing outside of defined workflows
  • Attach MS Word docs for routing/review
  • Open, edit and save documents inside a workflow for forwarding or return
  • Make in-line edits or comments
  • Allow reviewers to access external documents from inside workflows
  • Track document versions and revisions/comments by each participant
  • Deliver automated task notifications to each reviewer
  • Automate overdue task notifications and supervisor alerts as needed
  • Alert prior reviewers to later edits/comments
  • Control comment sharing to restrict visibility outside of process or department
  • Generate forms based on attached documents or user inputs
  • Route documents to authorized outside entities
  • Allow review/edit/approvals from mobile devices
  • Automatic workflow archiving in designated repositories for storage/retrieval/audit
  • Meet all departmental or government security policies including PHI/PII/CA IT, etc.
  • API-based interoperability with existing platforms/tools

Let’s get started.

Streamline and accelerate your approval process, starting today.

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