Contract Lifecycle

Contract Lifecycle

Providing greater governance and efficiency for procurement contracts.

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Use Cases / Contract Lifecycle

Automating a process that’s central to procurement

Procurement contract management is a vital government operation, but gets handicapped by outmoded methods. Automating the process drives greater efficiency and better oversight.


Give agencies and public sector entities a more efficient and accurate means of creating procurement contracts.


  • Automate the contract creation process
  • Allows users to amend existing contracts
  • Track the status of contracts and their respective expirations
  • Enable the review/approval of deliverables associated with contracts
  • Provides an iterative review process so multiple reviewers can provide feedback on new contract requests
  • Include analytics to mine insights on contracts approaching renewal, total value of contracts, number and value of invoices submitted against a contract, total spend on contract, etc.
  • Must be SaaS and configurable without IT or technical staff


With SimpliGov, multiple workflows can be published that work together to manage the entire contract lifecycle:

  • Contract Creation Workflow: Creates the contract, sends it through review, and stores the finalized contract within SimpliGov
  • Amendments Workflow: Allows users to change/amend an existing contract
  • Contract Manager: Tracks the status of the contract, and enables users to receive reminders at multiple intervals when a contract is approaching expiration
  • Deliverables/Invoice Workflow: Enables users to review and approve deliverables and/or invoices associated with a contract


  • Managers/executives gain insight and governance over all contract lifecycles
  • Errors, delays, and other operational waste are eliminated
  • Workflows can be optimized to extract maximum efficiency and savings
  • Workflows are automatically archived for review and audit
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Look who is using SimpliGov & loving it.

Look who is using SimpliGov & loving it.
Look who is using SimpliGov & loving it.