Continuous Case Management (CCM)

Continuous Case Management (CCM)

Field workers deliver essential citizen services seamlessly across connectivity modes.

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Use Cases / Continuous Case Management (CCM)

Work with Digital Case Management Tools Offline Without Interruption

A spotty internet connection shouldn’t hamper employees from collecting critical data and signatures, and performing essential tasks on behalf of citizens in the field.


Social workers, building inspectors, meter readers, and other field workers who have to fill out paperwork in areas with little to no internet service are forced to record data by hand and re-enter it when back in connectivity range or returning from the field—a time-consuming and error-prone task. These employees are unable to work with their digital case management records uninterrupted as they move between online and offline modes.


  • Allow agencies to select which parts of their workflows can be used offline by field workers
  • Enable users to access initiation templates and in-progress records offline
  • Empower field workers to create new records, fill out form fields, and collect electronic signatures offline as they would in online mode using the same case management application
  • Quickly sync updates to the main system when back online
  • Enable electronic signature collection throughout the process in online and offline modes
  • Automatically remove data from the user’s laptop or mobile device after records are synced


  • Consistent user experience—employees work directly in SimpliGov CCM offline in the same manner they would when working with an internet connection
  • Seamless workflow—forms and data are routed to appropriate parties automatically, regardless of whether it was collected online or offline
  • Integration of data collected offline with other systems of record
  • Instant data sync enabled with a click of a button when back online
  • Portable offline content
  • Secure mobile-device access in offline mode
  • Online and offline electronic signature capability


  • Data integrity—drastic reduction in errors that result from manual duplicate data entry
  • Efficiency—users complete form fields and gather signatures electronically only once
  • Reduction in data entry and bureaucratic tasks
  • Employees focus solely on delivering excellent citizen service!
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Look who is using SimpliGov & loving it.

Look who is using SimpliGov & loving it.
Look who is using SimpliGov & loving it.