Application for Employment

Application for Employment

Automating the process to make it faster, with clearer communication to applicants.

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Use Cases / Application for Employment

Making processes equal to high volumes of job applications

Eliminating paper-based forms improves process management, while also providing applicants with better communication about their applications.


To implement an automated government workflow for intake and review of employment applications. Paper-based processes make it difficult to search for candidates, or manage multiple simultaneous employee applications effectively.


  • Online self-service forms to allow candidates to submit error-free applications
  • Automated workflow expedites review by proper stakeholders
  • HR can provide timely status updates and communications for job candidates
  • Integrated electronic signatures


  • Employment application forms and the automated workflow are easily designed and edited using SimpliGov’s drag-and-drop interface
  • Self-service online forms prompt applicants to complete and submit comprehensive, error-free job applications
  • Each application is automatically routed for proper review
  • The workflow can create a new Human Resources case file through integration with HR platforms/databases
  • Proper stakeholders receive automatic notifications to review the application, which is automatically routed in sequence through each review stage
  • Approvals trigger routing to next stakeholder, denials trigger notifications to HR and applicant, etc.
  • Workflow-embedded deadlines drive participant action
  • On approval, notifications can be triggered to alert supervisors, and a timed “welcome” message can be sent to the applicant
  • Final approval can trigger onboarding workflow and notifications to Accounting, IT, and other relevant departments


  • Improves oversight and capacity for handling even high applicant volumes
  • Speeds up the process while reducing errors and delays via self-service forms with embedded business intelligence
  • Standardization workflows, reduction of errors and increased efficiency drive cost savings
  • Best practices and compliance rules can be embedded in the workflow so they’re always observed
  • Centralized archiving of data allows immediate or historical review of all applications, meeting compliance requirements
  • e-Signature integration ensures secure authorization via digital government forms and e-documents
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Look who is using SimpliGov & loving it.

Look who is using SimpliGov & loving it.
Look who is using SimpliGov & loving it.