PlaceholderBilingual Pay Authorization

Caitlyn Johnson | Solutions EngineerBilingual Pay Authorization
This form is for an Employee to Request for Bilingual Pay at his or her work. The employee completes the form, and it is then sent for approval. If approved, the requester receives an email with the certification PDF. Includes e-signature support, conditional workflows and form mapping.

PlaceholderBlanket Approval for Out-of-State Travel

PlaceholderBlanket Approval for Out-of-State Travel
The form starts with the department who applies for out of state travel for their employees. The form then goes to the agency for approval and then finally the Governor for approval. The form utilizes both workflow and form conditions.

PlaceholderBudget Revision
Appropriations and budget allotments for the department. Includes SimpliSign, conditional logic, and prepopulation.

PlaceholderContract/Contractors Evaluation
Evaluation of contract or contractor regarding it's functionality and purpose; Incorporates prepopulation, conditional logic, and a grid data source.

PlaceholderDrug-Free Workplace Certification
Certification competed by State Official that their organization is a drug-free workplace. Includes grid data sources, prepopulation, and SimpliSign.

PlaceholderFresh Produce Weekly Order
Fresh produce order request for agencies. Conditional data sources and form level conditions ensure the correct fields, steps, and stages appear at the appropriate time. Custom emails include form result values and the option for quick approval submission (or the normal online review) enabling fast processing of the order.

PlaceholderNondiscrimination Compliance Statement
This is a Nondiscrimination Compliance Statement that a company doing business with the government will fill out. They have to submit their name and information of the employee filling out the form. The form asks for a email address in order for anonymous access to work. Once the company fills out the form it is sent to the government department it is doing business with. A department employee will fill in information and approve the statement. Once approved it will be sent back to the company for a final signature. Features within this form include required form fields, form mapping on to a PDF, name prepopulation, and notifications with form information mapped.

PlaceholderSpecial Handling Request
In this form, a person is listing claimants for a special handling request. After listing the claimants and reason for special handling request, the form is sent to a courier who will sign and forward the form to the agency representative. The agency rep. will either deny, approve, or request more information. If the form is approved, it will be sent to State Controller's Office for review. The SCO can approve, deny, or request more information. If the form is approved a PDF copy is formulated and emailed back to the requester. Features on this form are name prepopulation, SimpliSign, form mapping to PDF, customized notifications and thank you pages using form information, and conditional logic to control the workflow.

PlaceholderTelecommunications Service Request
Telecommunications service request for employees with two review stages. Conditions are used to ensure the correct fields, steps and stages are show at the appropriate time. Custom styles, CSS, email notifications and thank you pages make this workflow run automatically with no need for administration. A final PDF with merged fields is generated for record keeping.