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Our Latest Customer-Driven Product Updates

Every quarter, we deliver new features and product updates that are born from our commitment to our customers. TAP can move mountains because customers have told us what they need and want.

Explore our very latest improvements

We’ve been working away to make our product experience more delightful – and we have some new features to show for it! Check out some of the new features below to see how we have added visuals to our Workflow Dashboard, made email quick submits even quicker, and more.

End-user enhancements

  • Dashboard Analytics: New column filter on the Workflow Dashboard gives users visual representations of stage progress. This column filters dependent upon % completed of the relevant stage.
  • Notifications: Quick Submit Links feature has been updated to improve the experience. A logo now appears on the confirmation page, and the custom thank you page from the workflow displays after confirmation.
  • Collaboration Stage: New update enables the first stage, or initial request, to be a Collaboration Stage. Also, “Update Form” button now automatically displays on each section of a wizard form (for those with the appropriate permissions, of course).

Designer enhancements

  • Document Builder: New feature allows designers to merge full tables into a Document Builder template – no more tagging each individual table cell!
  • External Grid Data Sources: External grid data sources now support POST and PUT HTTP methods, as well as the ability to dynamically build the HTTP request body from data in the form. This allows your External data source calls to contain multiple different values that drive the returned list.
  • External API – File Mapping: Files can now be retrieved and mapped to file upload fields though the External API module.

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