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OSAAS and SimpliGov Solutions

The winning combination of OSAAS and SimpliGov has seen real-life success in several agencies. By introducing digital automation into the public service process, governments are boosting productivity and accelerating workflow while providing better service to their constituents.

Department of Industrial Relations, State of California

By automating the intake process for Apprenticeship Applications, the California Department of Industrial Relations lets program sponsors and potential apprentices to complete and sign Apprenticeship Agreements with ease, eliminating the use of paper forms and ensuring greater process accuracy and efficiency. Automation integration with the system of record allows it to retrieve existing catalogs of occupations and programs, validate identity of the apprentice, validate identity of the Program Administrator who types in the application, and file application data once an application has been completed and submitted. This project will benefit 20,000 apprentices of this program.


Automated, refined process for Fi$Cal employees and representatives to review and accept the yearly updated Fi$Cal acceptable use policy, allowing the system to revoke users should they not agree to adhere to the policy each year. The system needs to be automatically kicked off using a script once the policy has been updated each year, and allow for yearly re-submissions to each user for re-review and approval.

CA Census 2020

This streamlined process automated with SimpliGov allows the various outreach agencies awarded with contracts for the CA Census 2020 project to submit their required deliverables to release the associated funds. The automation simplifies deliverable submission, maintain audit trail, simplifies fund usage analysis and reporting and provides Regional Project Managers a simplified review and approval process required by the contract.

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Business Workflow Automation Solutions with SimpliGov

Quickly design and deploy workflows with OSAAS and SimpliGov.

Census 2020
SimpliGov 2020 Census Deliverable Reporting

Automating census reporting to maintain data integrity.


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