How Does SimpliGov Work With Customers? It’s Up to You!

When I’m working with new customers to onboard them, something that always comes up is, “How do you work with us once we become a customer?” I love hearing this because I love to flip the question and ask, “How do you want us to work with you?”

At SimpliGov, we are lucky to have a product and great teams that allow for this. We have customers that want a solution up and running with as little time spent by their employees to make that happen as possible. For this, we have an outstanding professional services team that’s great at working to understand our customer’s business processes. They’re already experts in Workflow Automation and can fully automate a process in no time to meet immediate deadlines and get that “easy win” for everyone right away.

For other customers who value self-sufficiency, with Workflow Automation’s drag-and-drop functionality they’re able to customize forms and workflows to their heart’s content. And besides, who knows a business process better than the person who owns it?

And if you’re worried about not being ready to build workflows, don’t be! We have a full eight-hour (six session) Workflow Automation Certification Program that’s conducted as a personal webinar with our amazing training team, so customers can become experts on Workflow Automation in no time. They learn basic skills, such as setting conditions of why a workflow goes down one path versus another, and more complex tasks like how to prepopulate a form field from an Excel file.

Video training…for “Crunch” time and otherwise!

If that isn’t enough, we also have an online training portal where customers can access training videos 24/7 – perfect for your 2 AM Taco Bell workflow building sessions. After becoming Workflow Automation Certified, the only thing stopping you from automating workflows is your imagination – and maybe that 2 AM Gordita Crunch.

Both our professional services team and training team are great, so realistically speaking, who can choose one over the other? Why not have both? Most customers choose a middle ground: we’ll train them up, while also having our professional services team help with their initial workflows. This way they can get a workflow up and running quickly while learning how to use Workflow Automation like experts at the same time.

Who says you can’t have your Gordita Crunch and eat it too?

Anthony is on our sales team. When he’s not talking to prospective customers he is running or enjoying a craft beer. Full disclosure: Anthony has not been to a Taco Bell in over ten years.

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