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What is Content Automation?

How it optimizes publishing processes.

Content automation ensures excellence

From content creation and management to publishing and delivery, enterprises need more efficient ways to produce more content at faster rates. Content automation solves this by digitizing creative and publishing processes, slashing errors, improving the quality of work and accelerating completion times.

Whether it’s part of what’s called Business Process Management, Business Process Modeling, or Business Process Automation, content automation is a key digital transformation technology. The SimpliGov Automation Platform provides “smart” content automation for your content-related processes – while taking advantage of your own team’s expertise and knowledge.

Evolve your content development

With SaaS-based TAP, you can easily automate the workflow for developing a content marketing campaign, generating a legal contract, transcribing webinars or any other content-related process.

Content can be collaboratively created and edited anywhere, then routed to the right users. With Gov Automation’s Platform provides end-to-end content automation capabilities, thart content is standardized, error-free and compliant:

  • Build smart forms and documents: It’s easy with Gov Automation’s Platform drag-and-drop form building tools. Embed standardized or customized fields and pre-defined data into templates or customized documents, reducing human error and safeguarding compliance.
  • Easily automate any content workflow: Gov Automation’s Platform workflow design tools are simple to learn and use, too, so even complex content processes can be quickly designed and launched, then rapidly revised and optimized.
  • Standardization made simple: Draft documents using approved content and language you’ve stored in Gov Automation’s Platform central library; change a boilerplate element in the library and it’ll automatically be updated across all templates.
  • Store and standardize content: Gov Automation Platform stores your approved content in the Cloud so it’s centralized and available anytime, anywhere, to authorized users (even via mobile).
  • Control content access: Workflow designers or management can designate who can access specific material, or at what point in a workflow.
  • Collaborate on content in real time: Employees and stakeholders can work together as never before, reviewing and editing content in real time. Automated notifications ensure everyone plays their part, and new participants can be invited in at any point.
  • Integrate e-signatures and video ID confirmation: Security gets smarter, too, thanks to Gov Automation Platform integration with Adobe Sign and DocuSign, or Video Confirmation from Secured Signing to record actual visual proof of who signed a document.
  • Ensure compliance and transparency: Gov Automation Platform automatically archives workflows in the Cloud, including all content assets, so they can be readily retrieved, reviewed and audited.

10 benefits from TAP content automation:

  • 1. ROI that’s ASAP: Quick payback is commonplace, as cost savings and productivity gains happen almost immediately.
  • 2. Improved process speed, efficiency, and completion rates: Content publishing process participants will always be following optimized, predefined project paths where assets and repetitive tasks are automated, saving time, labor, and materials.
  • 3. Reduction in process errors: By standardizing and automating repetitive (and error-prone) tasks such as routing, archiving and notifications, or even complex/critical tasks like inserting approved or branded content.
  • 4. Productivity and utilization improvement: Employees can spend more time on tasks that produce real value for the enterprise, versus mundane manual tasks.
  • 5. Elimination of content re-creation: Gov Automation Platform spares your team from re-creating content, which speeds up turnarounds and reduces costs.
  • 6. Alignment from a single source of truth: A centralized SaaS content repository makes it far easier for employees anywhere to locate, manage, share and analyze content, and drives compliance.
  • 7. Preservation of invaluable expertise: The expertise of key staffers gets embedded in your workflow designs and content, and remains perpetually available, even after they’ve left your organization.
  • 8. Accurate form & document completion: Gov Automation Platform use of dynamic forms and document templates guides accurate completion and submission.
  • 9. Enhanced communication and collaboration: Internal and external participants can work together more effectively, resulting in better content and results (yet at less cost).
  • 10. Empowerment of digital governance: Execution and compliance can be verified due to near-complete transparency into any workflow.

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