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Benefits of Online Forms
with Workflow Automation

Digital government is a reality.

Empower digital government,
realize a wide range of rewards!

With proven forms and workflow automation from SimpliGov, you’ll have an easy, cost-effective head start on putting digital government into practice.

Want to learn the essential steps for automating government forms and processes? See this article by our own Troy Bare.


SimpliGov government automation has already saved public service departments thousands of hours of staff time while reducing errors, delays, and costs.


Digital government workflows are getting published in hours or days, not months – and are completed in a fraction of the time of manual processes.


With online self-service government forms and automation workflows, community access to services is now 24/7.


Respond more quickly and precisely to constituent requests and community needs thanks to faster, error-free processes.


By automating mundane, repetitive processes, you free employees to do more gratifying and rewarding public service tasks.


Real-time collaboration improves digital government teamwork as employees can simultaneously contribute to projects, edit documents and more.


Workflows, forms, assets, audit trails and more are trackable and accessible from a single secure source, even from mobile.


Adopters rave about how our close, collaborative customer support helps them maximize their government workflow automation benefits.


A digital government using SimpliGov finds it rapidly scales to accommodate sudden workload spikes or expands easily across new areas.


Multi-language support makes it easy to design dynamic government forms and documents, helping you serve diverse groups.


Expand workflow capabilities by putting SimpliGov government workflow automation integrations with other best-in-class tools to work.


Build trust with your community by providing greater visibility and access to documents and processes.


Developed with the help of top security experts and compliance managers, SimpliGov’s platform meets the toughest security standards for protecting constituent data.

ROI that’s ASAP

By delivering benefits and efficiency from Day One, SimpliGov government workflow automation starts paying off almost immediately for governments and NPOs.

Cornerstone Technology

SimpliGov workflow automation is an affordable, easy-to-adopt first step toward digital governance and the “smart” public service processes of tomorrow.