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Government Automation, a New Company, and Simplifying the Future

Why did we launch SimpliGov? To explain, let’s take a look at the name for this new-yet-veteran venture. Finding a name that rang right for us really shines a light on what’s always driven us in delivering government automation solutions.

First off, SimpliGov isn’t merely a re-badging, but a new company. ThinkSmart was acquired by Mitratech in order to integrate our ThinkSmart Automation Platform into their own TeamConnect Enterprise Legal Management platform. That’s all to the good for TAP’s current legal operations users, and for Mitratech’s customer base, too. But it left the question of how to keep serving government customers who aren’t using TAP for legal workflows.

Spinning off a new enterprise to service them was an obvious step. It needed a name that would make our mission crystal-clear to everyone. Whether an existing customer or a public service CTO, CIO or tech leader in search of the right solution to help enable a transition toward digital government.

A name that’s simply right

We brainstormed our way through a long, long list of options, some too clever or facile (Civilocity!), some strained and silly (Govergent!), and one, in particular, that brought a laugh to everyone who heard it but, while timely, was too irreverent and inappropriate (SwampSoft!).

Why did “SimpliGov” win out? Let’s be honest, you can’t be more to-the-point about your ultimate objective than with a name like that. Our users seek to simplify their processes through workflow automation that standardizes forms and workflows, eliminates human error, reduces costs, and accelerates responsiveness to community needs.

So while the platform allowing this streamlining to happen is very sophisticated indeed, for the user it extends its “simplicity” by delivering ease of adoption, ease of use, and immediacy of results.

What resonated even more deeply with all of us? Since the inception of ThinkSmart, we’ve been helping our customers simplify and streamline work processes by employing workflow automation.

SimpliGov workflow automation

Government automation enables smarter government

SimpliGov will have a very specific focus: on exclusively developing, delivering and supporting government workflow automation solutions fine-tuned to the exact needs of the public sector.

Today, with government tech leaders being put under all types of pressures to modernize, adopting government workflow automation allows them to benefit from two different, but intertwined, ways of simplifying their path into modernization:

  • Workflow automation streamlines and simplifies any process by making it far smarter, faster, and efficient. At the workaday level, it’s expediting the design and launch of processes, improving the ability to serve constituent needs, maximizing accessibility, boosting morale by removing the “pain of the mundane” of repetitive tasks, and eliminating errors and compliance problems.
  • Government automation of processes via a flexible, scalable, cost-effective SaaS solution helps simplify the path toward digital transformation, too Federal, state, and municipal technology leaders are staring down a serious question: What’s the first, best choice I should make in moving toward digital transformation?  Workflow automation is the choice that provides the most impressive and immediate benefits, avoids rip-and-replace costs by integrating with their legacy systems, and eases the way for adoption of other technologies.

All of this is possible with the existing technology we’ve provided our customers. Now, as we embrace a singular focus on the government market, our platform will only get better.

Government automation gears

It’s not about robotics, but humanity

Some hear the words “government automation” and default to a cool, technocratic vision of a robot city, where machines have replaced public servants. In our experience, the professionals who are driving technological change in government aren’t doing it to supplant human beings or earn bureaucratic brownie points, but to upgrade the actual human factor in public service.

They’re committed to improving the empathy, attentiveness, and quality of service they give their citizens. By doing that, they can solve the considerable challenges facing every level of government from D.C. on down, and help their communities thrive and prosper.

It’s a vision we love being able to support, even in a small way, through our new venture. SimpliGov – powered by the same ingenious, dedicated people who have made our platform a success to date – will keep supplying our customers with the tools and support we’ve worked with them to refine over the years.  Those tools will only get smarter, quicker and better, as governments use them to lead their communities forward.

Alex Padilla

“Now, they (business owners) can submit trademark or service mark applications in minutes, from the convenience of their laptop, tablet or smartphone.”

Alex Padilla
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