Educating Government: Reporting from the Digital Government Technology Conference

Last week, SimpliGov’s Troy Bare and Ben Bogin attended and exhibited at the 2017 Adobe Digital Government Technology Conference, put together by Adobe and our solutions partners at Carahsoft.

We promised we’d post some observations and experiences from the conference…so here we go!

To say it was an information-packed, highly educational and galvanizing event would be an understatement. There’s obviously a real hunger for more knowledge about workflow automation and digital transformation among public sector leadership and employees.

Still, we found there’s a lack of awareness of the full extent of what workflow automation entails. For instance, many of the government staffers we met didn’t realize how an online form can be part of an automation workflow that includes tools like conditional fields, conditional routing, and email notifications. Quite a few seemed to believe “putting forms online” began and ended with posting a PDF that users would fill out on screen, but would then still have to print out and mail.

Frustration with the status quo

A lot of those we spoke with were front-line workers, well aware of the headaches and bottlenecks involved in the old-school processes they’re required to work under. They were truly frustrated with the status quo, and were excited at the prospect of telling others at their offices about what we had to show them about workflow automation for government and the public sector.

So the big takeaways for us from the conference?

  • Public sector workers, right down to the people manning the counters, phones and other key points of contact with constituents, understand the need for automated solutions.
  • They’re eager to learn more about how to make workflow automation succeed for their organizations.
  • Helping them develop a better understanding of what workflow automation is all about and the potential it offers should be Job One for solutions providers in this category.

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