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The Next Phase of Response to COVID-19:

Helping Businesses Reopen and Government Manage Transitions

SimpliGov has been on the frontlines of helping government respond to the COVID-19 pandemic since the beginning in March 2020. As each state in the U.S. reopens with the lifting of stay-at-home orders in May and June, SimpliGov continues to be here to help you.

To support the reopening of the economy, we have now launched our Reopening Safety Plan workflow to help government ensure the safe and responsible reopening of local businesses in accordance with public health policies.

This new “Reopening” workflow with an easy-to-use digital form that government can quickly adopt and customize for its own usage with its constituents is the latest example of regulatory-compliant workflows that we’re making available to any government at any level in the United States.

SimpliGov has an extensive library of automated government workflows and online forms to meet some of your urgent needs, and we are happy to make these workflows available for you to use – at no cost – during this challenging time. We’re exclusively focused on government, which is why government users trust SimpliGov.

Examples of highly relevant, automated workflows and online forms now available

Telework/Remote Work Authorization Request

Safe Reopening Plan

SimpliGov’s Safe Reopening Plan workflow is designed to help government ensure that businesses meet state and local requirements to reopen, as stay-at-home orders related to COVID-19 are lifted, in accordance with public health guidelines.

Telework/Remote Work Authorization Request

Telework/Remote Work Authorization Request

SimpliGov’s Telework/Remote Work Authorization Request tracks the status of employees who are requesting to work remotely and can be easily customized to meet the local needs of each agency and department in need.

Critical Travel Request Workflow

Travel Authorization Request

SimpliGov’s Travel Authorization Request Workflow makes it easier for government to facilitate, track, and safeguard essential travel while preventing or flagging non-essential travel.

Absence and Time Worked Tracker

Resource Request (Form 213RR)

The Resource Request (213RR) workflow uses a standard form to order resources for an incident, sets the approval requirements, and tracks resource status and incident costs.

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Resources to Help Mitigate COVID-19 on Government

Resource Site

The U.S. Department of Labor has pulled together relevant information to keep you informed.

Resource Site

Johns Hopkins U.S. County Level COVID-19 Tracking Map.

Resource Guide

Useful information from our partners at e.Republic, designed specifically for government leadership.

Resource Guide

Guidance for state CIOs to respond to COVID-19, available from NASCIO.

Resource Guide

The National League of Cities and Bloomberg Philanthropies have teamed up to collect and share actions taken by local leaders in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Resource Guide

A Resource Guide to Coronavirus for Government Leaders.

Resource Guide

The National League of Cities has compiled a list of current tools, actions, and resources to assist cities, towns, and villages navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.


SimpliGov steps up to help government address Coronavirus-related impact on its workforce.