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CA Makes It Easier to do Business (via ThinkSmart Government Automation)

California has made a clear commitment to leveraging technology to make its many sprawling government operations more efficient. Now, ThinkSmart can proudly say we’ve been picked by Sacramento to be part of that mission.

The California Secretary of State’s office was looking for a government automation technology provider to help make it easier for companies and constituents to do business in the Golden State. They’d conducted marketing research to identify what was needed to better support California businesses. Also, they’d partnered with the California Department of Technology (CDT), which had already evaluated a number of technology tools and vendors.

One clear need for the 6th largest economy on the planet? To find a forms and workflow automation provider capable of automating the process around the registration of business trademarks and service marks.

State of California Secretary of State

Why did ThinkSmart get the job?

The research and pre-vetting done by the CDT were followed by further reviews and government automation product demos. Those included presentations to Secretary of State Alex Padilla and members of his senior management team.

What did they like that got us the assignment?

  • Speed-to-market: With the ThinkSmart Automation Platform (TAP), projected rollout would take just 7 weeks. That was a key factor since the team in Sacramento had experienced other rollouts that had taken up to a year.
  • Ease of implementation, as TAP proved it could be deployed and utilized by non-tech staff, with very little (if any) IT involvement.
  • SaaS configuration meant TAP was scalable, flexible, accessible via mobile, and more cost-effective than other platforms.
  • Seamless integration, as ThinkSmart is one of many California Business Connect (CBC) vendors. So we’re able to integrate with other providers already in place in the total architecture.
  • Our team’s commitment to collaboration, as both sides treated it as a true partnership from the start.

We’re honored to get the call from Sacramento to help make it easier for companies and constituents to do business in the Golden State, especially after a rigorous evaluation process. It’s more proof of how TAP authentically offers best-in-class levels of performance and flexibility. Especially when they’re needed right now.

To view the press release, click here.